August 16, 2010


I received in the mail today some catalogs and magazines previewing the fall fashion scene.  It is kind of hard to get really excited about the fall season when it is 100 some odd degrees and feel like when you step outside you step into a sauna! But, I love the fall and winter season.  Both temperature wise and fashion wise.  I find it so much easier to coordinate wardrobes and just enjoy figuring out what I am going to wear.  I am a coat and boot girl! And I love some of the new boot styles for the season!

Now skinny jeans and leggings are in! And personally anything that is slimming is ALWAYS in style! And since it is fall, the skinny jeans need boots! They create even a leaner silhouette.  The problem is that while it looks and photographs well, it seems that every time you move and change positions, you are pushing and stuffing your jeans back into your boots.  I’ve tried pretty much every trick to help keep the jeans in your boots but to no avail.  Luckily I discovered

STIRUPPZ! Stiruppz are designed to keep your jeans in place so you can keep moving! They are easy to clip on, won’t damage clothing, and so comfy you won’t even know they are there.  They even work on the popular over-the-knee boot styles!

Stiruppz are easy to use and wear.  They work best when jeans are cuffed. Simply cuff and fold your jeans to the desired length and clip on your stiruppz. One size fits everyone. And the jeans can be folded and cuffed to adjust to the right tension for maximum comfort.  They are made of elastic webbing, nylon and alligator clips. They won’t damage clothing and are comfortable enough to wear all day.  They are sold at a variety of locations (and heads up New Yorkers—they are at Ricky’s!!) and you can also learn more and order them on

As I gaze lovingly over at my boot collection, I realize that I will have some time before I can wear them, but I am getting ready, and I won’t have to worry about tucking my pants in!

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