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February 28, 2018

How to become an incredible gift giver

Giving gifts is a fantastic way for you to show your loved ones just how much you care. Of course, you can do this by showering them with compliments, lending a friendly ear to their problems, and celebrating their successes. However, there is something incredibly moving about finding a tangible representation of your special relationship. That is why you should constantly be on the lookout for exciting presents to pass on. If you are worried about disappointing your loved ones, it is vital that you take every precaution. Below are six steps that will guide you through the process of buying the perfect gift.

Create a budget

Firstly, you should create a budget for the gifts that you are trying to buy, as this is especially important if you are hoping to save funds and keep a close eye on your finances. It is also a great way for you to narrow down your options. With the growth of online shopping and the enormous amounts of stores at your local malls, it can sometimes be overwhelming when you are trying to find the right gift. Establishing your budget will help you to eliminate unnecessary distractions. For instance, if you are shopping for a relatively thrifty gift, you will need to stay away from expensive stores and use search filters when shopping online.

Give yourself plenty of time

The next step is to give yourself plenty of time to find your perfect gift. Instead of panicking at the last minute and throwing the first thing you find in your cart, it is important that you have the breathing space you need to enjoy the shopping process. One way of achieving this is by making all of your purchases at least one month in advance. So, if you know someone who has a birthday in September, you will need to buy their present in August. Or, if you are getting ready for Valentine’s Day, you will need to have finished your shopping by the end of January. Doing this will help you to manage your stress levels and will give you plenty of time to change your mind. Even if you are hit with a last minute invite, it is still possible to be prepared. Simply select a drawer or cupboard in your home to store emergency presents and gift cards. Then, if you caught by surprise, you will have all of your bases covered.  

Work with other people to make the process less stressful

Another useful tip is to work with other people to make the gift buying process less stressful. You could even make an event of it and plan a day of shopping with your closest friends. Not only is this the perfect opportunity for you to catch up with your loved ones, but it is also a great way for you to get other people’s advice. Why carry the burden alone, when you can turn to others for support? Ideally, you should collaborate with people who have similar interests to the recipient of your gift. Perhaps they are the same age, gender, or clothing size. This will come in handy if you are struggling to make the right decision. Just make sure that you avoid working with people who are too close to the person that you are buying the gift for. Otherwise, you run the risk of word getting back to your loved one before you have the chance to give them their surprise.

Evaluate the gifts you have received over the years

If you are buying a gift for someone that you have known for a long time, another great idea is to evaluate the presents that you have received over the years. It will save you from making an inappropriate purchase. To get it right, you can’t afford to spend too much money, take a risk on a joke gift that backfires, or make the situation uncomfortable by purchasing something overly sentimental. Writing a list of the gifts they have given you will help you to understand where you are at in your relationship. Even if you’ve never received a gift from them before, it is still worth your while thinking about the presents you have received from other people. Try to think of at least one that really bowled you over. Then, work out what exactly it was that made this present so special.

Think about the specialist interests of the recipient

Perhaps your favorite ever gift came from someone who truly thought about your interests. It is a fantastic approach if you are determined to show your loved one just how well you know them. Instead of purchasing a generic item that anyone could have bought, you should set your sights a little higher. You can do this by creating a mood board that features all of the specialist interests of the person you are buying for. Maybe they love to spend time in the garden, or perhaps they enjoy reading crime fiction. Whatever the case, there is sure to be a gift out there that perfectly reflects their passions. For instance, if the recipient of your gift is a proud cat owner, you could surprise them with a Limoges cat box. What better opportunity for you to provide them with a thoughtful and beautiful gift that will stand the test of time?

Consider your presentation

Once you have found a gift that you are happy with, you should think carefully about the way that you are going to present it. Whatever you do, don’t settle for a simple gift bag or a plain sheet of wrapping paper. Instead, you should use this as an opportunity to get creative. It could involve anything from making your own wrapping paper to purchasing personalized present toppers. This is an especially good idea if you are attending a celebration where lots of gifts will be given. Why allow your special present to blend into the background when you can make it stand out for all the right reasons? Taking care of your gift wrapping is the best way to ensure your present has the desired effect.  

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February 28, 2018

Home Improvements that can add big value to your house


Before selling your house, you need to consider the market and make sure that your house is in the best state, to ensure the highest value during sale. A number of activities would improve your house and the value. Depending on the state of the house, these activities might be expensive or not. The kind of improvements you can take on, therefore depend on the amount of money you have to spend. It is therefore important to have a list of the improvements that have higher priorities. This article lists all the affordable and proven ways of increasing the total cost of your house.

  1. Low cost improvements

The list below contains some of the improvements that will not cost you more than your effort.

  1. Cleaning

You have to ensure that your house is clean before a sale. Cleaning your house will increase the value by a certain percentage due to the appeal it gains. It is also important to ensure that the environment around the house is clean and squeaky. This means that you should rid the environment of any source of foul odors, any garbage or extra leaves on the backyard.

      2. Simple paint job

One of the features that suggest a house is old is an old paint job. You need to redo the paint in your house. This helps cover any scratches on the house and increase the overall appearance of the house.

      3.  Outdoor improvement

It is advisable to consider the outdoor appeal. You need to replace the old features of anything on the outdoors. This means replacing or repainting the benches and mailbox outside the house, increasing the flowers and other plants outside the house. For houses with grass, it would be advisable to mow the grass and level it.

       4. Minimal changes

Some of the minimal changes you can tackle include changing knobs on doors and windows as well as any wallpaper in the house. You need to place all furniture strategically in the house to ensure that the house’s rooms have a pre-arrangement that suggests their purpose.

2.    Moderate to High Cost Improvements

These improvements might include remodels.

  1. Floor polishing

Floor polishing Brisbane services will improve the house floor. The old floor might have a number of dents or scratches that might affect the buyer’s perception of the house. Polishing, however, is easy and affordable, which means that you will have a new look on the floor for a fair price. This will increase the value of the house greatly.

        2. Space

It is advisable to increase the space of the house. Most people prefer to increase the space by adding an additional room, mostly a bedroom, to the house. Although this might be an expensive process, it will improve the value of the house, which means that the total cost of the additional room will be covered by the sale.

        3. Electricity and Water systems

Your new house should have all functions fully running. This means that electricity should function property and the water run, as it should. You should hire a plumber for a complete assessment of the house water system, which includes the water supply and disposal systems.

A professional electrician is also advisable to ensure that all connections are flawless and any old connection redone. All power outlets should function and all lights perform, as they should.

        4.  Lighting

A buyer would prefer purchasing a house with ample lighting in all rooms. As the owner intending to sell, ensure that the house receives ample natural light in all rooms during the day and ample electricity light during the dark.

To increase light during the day, you should reconsider the position of your windows and the nature of your doors. Most houses with gardens would be better with glass doors. If your house does not receive ample light during the day or night, consider getting advice from a contractor who will analyze the state of the house and strategize on the best positions for a window as well as the best windows to use for such a function.

        5.  Energy saving

Saving energy is an important and effective way of saving energy in your house. You should integrate air conditioning systems that save more energy than the old systems do. You should also consider insulation of door, especially the garage and the arctic. These energy saving systems will improve the value of the house greatly.


An improvement on the house will improve the value, regardless of the amount or effort it requires. You should consider any improvement including attending to some of the bushes that require attention around the house. Any drainage should be in perfect functional shape for that purpose. Professional help is an added advantage when considering the improvements that your budget can handle.

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February 28, 2018

Your guide to the perfect at-home pedicure with tips from beauty expert Skyy Hadley.

The tools you need to get a spa-like pedicure at home:

  • Cuticle remover
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle nipper
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls or pads
  • Base and top coat

Here is a step-by-step guide to get the perfect pedicure:

  • Apply cuticle remover and allow it to sit for the time indicated on the packaging
  • Using a cuticle pusher, push cuticles back away from the base of your toenails. Clean feet with your body wash or soap to wash away cuticle remover
  • Use a cuticle nipper to very carefully remove any loose cuticle or hangnails. You don’t want to cut into your cuticles. Nicking this area can lead to infection.
  • If necessary, trim nails down to a good length
  • Use a nail file to smooth and shape your toenails
  • Using a cotton ball or pad, wipe each toenail with nail polish remover to remove excess oils
  • Next, apply a base coat to all toenails
  • Add nail color, apply two coats
  • Clean up, use a nail brush or an orangewood stick and polish remover to remove any polish slips
  • Finish by applying a clear top coat to protect your work

To make your feet less rough/sough stick your feet in a tub of warm water for about 15 minutes. You can add a capful of distilled white vinegar and/or a few drops of tea tree oil if you’re concerned about fungal infections. For water retention or particularly achy feet, toss in a couple of tablespoons of Epsom salts. Next, to slough off the dead skin, gently dry your feet, then have at the bottom of your feet with a serious foot file. I recommend using a Ped Egg to get rid of the dead skin.

For applying polish to prevent chipping or smudging reapply a layer or clear topcoat every two to three days.

I recommend using two particular products to make your pedicure last longer:

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February 25, 2018

5 Ways To Make Your Living Room Glam


If you want to be glam in all aspects of your life, then you need to look beyond your clothes and your makeup. Your home needs to be just as lovely. Perhaps the easiest room to start with when you want to create some glamor is the living room – it’s where you will spend a lot of time, plus when guests come to visit, it’s where they will be shown first. Here are some tips on what you can include to ensure you are as glam as possible.

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books about fashion, photography, or attractive lifestyles in general, can really give a living room that ‘glam’ feel. These beautiful books are fantastic things to own, even if you don’t put them on display because they are lovely to look at and they are interesting too – every home should have a good number of books in it. Yet placing those books in full view on a tabletop elevates them, the room, and even you to another level altogether.

Full-Length Drapes

Drapes always look more glamorous than blinds, especially since you can order them in such gorgeous patterns, colors, and materials. They also add an extra layer of privacy that can create a more homely feel. The more comfortable you are in the room, the more glam you can make it look. Longer lengths of curtains give a more opulent, luxury feel to the room, and although that often means you’ll be paying more, sometimes that is necessary when you want your home to look perfect.

Gold Accents

Too much gold will make your living area look cheap rather than glam, but hitting the right amount can really add some loveliness to the room, and it will certainly impress your guests. What’s really fun about adding these gold accents is that you can choose anything you like to do it. You might have wallpaper with a tiny hint of gold to it. You might have a gold light fitting. If you’re looking for a more understated look, though, and your partner or member of the family is part of the military, you could gift them with challenge coins from and put them on display. After all, they’re great achievements.

A Beautiful Rug

Picking the right rug for your living room and ensuring that it can be seen rather than covering it up with furniture is a very glam thing to do. You don’t want a plain old boring rug; you need a statement piece that’ll get people talking. The great thing about a beautiful statement rug is that it can change the entire look and feel of your living room without you needing to spend too much on a complete overhaul. If you find cushions that match, and even drapes, then the whole room will look much more cohesive.


Candles are perhaps the simplest way to glam up a living room, and they always look lovely. Just a few dotted around in perfectly chosen candleholders (perhaps you could even choose gold ones to incorporate that extra touch of luxury) create a glam look every time.

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February 24, 2018

Is Fashion Keeping up with Evolution?

Over the last 150 years, the average height of Western populations has grown by around four inches. That’s quite a substantial change over a relatively short period of time. Height isn’t the only thing that has changed; human weight is increasing at a faster rate than ever before, and there are more obese people now than at any previous point in history. These changes are mainly due to the effects of improved standards of living and healthcare rather than evolutionary or genetic causes, but they still represent a comparative form of evolution. With the shape of human bodies undergoing such seismic shifts, what are designers and clothes manufacturers doing to address these changes, if anything?

Size exact

Clothes are made based on an original design, with the proportions increased as the sizes go up. The problem with this model is that there are very few people who conform to the template version of human physiology. This means that for clothes to fit, you may be forced to make a compromise. To get your pants to do up, you may need to buy them a size larger, which then means you have too much length in the legs. To fit a shirt across your bust without the buttons popping off, you may have to buy one that’s too long in the arms. Or maybe you’re tall and skinny, and if you buy a sweater that has long enough arms, your body is swamped in a woolen tent. There are as many difficulties getting clothes to fit as there are differences in the shape of the human body.

Specialist retailers

The growth of the Internet and online shopping has made supplying specialist markets far more viable for retailers. When plus size women from anywhere across the world can order their clothes from you, your business’s client base expands enormously, instead of being restricted to a local populace. There are specialist outlets for many body types now, for example, shorter women (petite), taller women (over 5’8”), and plus size women (size 12 and above), like the Life is Chic Boutique – plus size online boutique.

Handmade and bespoke

Many women who struggle to find well-fitting clothes turn their hand to making their own. If you have the skills and the time, this could be an ideal solution, as you can make any item of clothing tailored to match your physique. If your talents aren’t well-suited to needlework, learning how to sew at evening classes might be an idea, or if you have no desire to become a dressmaker, you can hire a professional and get made to measure clothes. This option does come at a premium, unless you can find a local seamstress who is able to make clothes for you.

How technology is helping

There are several technological innovations that can help you find clothes that fit your shape and look good on you as well:

  • Visual search technology can use scanning to match size, proportions, shape, and color
  • Augmented reality-enabled virtual fitting rooms that simulate the experience of trying clothes on
  • 3D body scanners take complete measurements that will ensure clothing fits your exact body shape
  • Avatars are being used to enable the design of clothes that will fit any required body shape
  • Software that can cope with the differences in clothes sizes between brands, so you can match the fit and not rely on variables in sizing

Real women

Several years ago, women finally got tired of being fed the same idealized version of body shape by fashion designers and the media, and became increasingly vocal about the need for the industry to change. Some of them took matters into their own hands by launching companies selling clothing for real women instead of Miss Average, and these companies have been very successful. Plus size ranges are being backed by major advertising campaigns, and all sizes and shapes are being offered complete ranges of fashion clothing, swimwear and lingerie, instead of just vast billowy dresses designed to cover the shape of your body rather than showing it off.

High fashion

The catwalks and haute couture designers are notorious for using tall, slender models to show off designs. They have come under a lot of criticism in recent times, because of the poor body image problems young girls have been suffering as a result of having stick-thin models displayed as the ideal. Magazines and websites have been similarly criticized, and further taken to task for the use of photoshopping techniques and airbrushed photographs. Rather than looking to design clothes for real body shapes, the industry seems to have been putting all its efforts into making its models seem ever more unrealistically perfect. There are some signs that things could be changing, however, for example, there are far more plus size models fronting key promotional campaigns. Many plus size and realistically proportioned models such as Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham are creating huge social media followings and being given lucrative modeling contracts. They are adored by women because they represent body shapes that normal women can identify with.

So, is fashion keeping up?

There is progress being made, but at a frustratingly slow pace. The averagely proportioned mannequin is still the main blueprint for clothing design and manufacture. Most catwalk models are still tall and willowy, and magazines still predominantly use slender, idealized models for their photo shoots. One of the key problems is that models that don’t conform to the manufactured ideal shape are still not taken seriously in the wider industry. Although they may be feted for what they are doing and what they represent, they are still always referred to as “plus size” rather than just “models.” The implication here is that they are different from the norm, and that although this is admirable, they are not equal to the industry standard models. A change in attitude across the fashion industry and society as a whole needs to take place so that women are seen as equal to each other whatever their shape, rather than being judged on a scale that holds size zero as the perfect shape.

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February 23, 2018

Emma Roberts Wears 7 For All Mankind

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 21, 2018 – Emma Roberts was spotted wearing 7 For All Mankind while out and about in Los Angeles yesterday! The fashionista stepped out to grab some coffee in the b(air) Denim High Waist Ankle Skinny with Released Hem in Sunset (similar style here .
Images courtesy of Backgrid
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February 22, 2018

What Should I Expect After My Facelift?

A facelift is a popular cosmetic procedure that removes signs of aging and tightens up the face, jaw, and neck. During the surgery, your doctor will remove excess facial skin and reposition the face and neck tissues to achieve the desired results.

If you plan to have a facelift, you may be worried about the recovery period. Fortunately, most people have a fairly easy and comfortable recovery from this surgery. Your experience will depend on what type of facelift you had and how much work was done, but there are some things that everyone can expect during their recovery.

Immediately After Surgery

When you wake up from the procedure, your incisions will be covered with large bandages that put pressure on your face to minimize swelling and bruising. Your doctor will probably have placed a small tube in the skin behind one or both of your ears to drain fluid or blood.

Most people feel very groggy for the first few hours after waking up. It’s also common to feel dizzy or lightheaded, so you should be careful when standing up and moving around. You should always have someone with you when you need to get up. Your doctor may want you to stay overnight in the hospital for observation, but most people go home the day of their surgery.

Your face will probably hurt immediately after your surgery, but your doctor will give you pain medication to manage the discomfort. For most people, pain is only an issue for the first day or two of the surgery. Your doctor may prescribe you pain medication for the first few days or the first week of your recovery, or you can take over-the-counter painkillers.

You’ll need a caretaker to drive you home from your procedure and stay with you for at least 24 hours. This should be a trusted friend or family member who can bring you what you need and take you back to the hospital in case of an emergency.

First Week of Recovery

A day or two after your surgery, you’ll see your doctor again for a follow up visit. Your doctor will remove the drainage tube, apply an antibiotic ointment, and maybe apply new bandages. After a couple days, you should feel well enough to start moving around the house. Moving will help improve your circulation, which will shorten your recovery time. However, you should still take it easy, avoid strenuous activity, and get plenty of rest.

Make sure that you don’t put pressure on the incisions. Don’t sleep on your side, and don’t wear anything that needs to be pulled over your head. The incisions will crust over as they heal, but you shouldn’t touch or pick at them.

Two or three days after your surgery, your bandages will be switched out for a facial sling or compression garment. The swelling will probably reach its peak three or four days after the surgery and then start to decline. You’ll have to keep your head elevated while you sleep to help with the swelling. Bruising is still common at this point, too.

One week into your recovery, your surgeon will remove your stitches and check the incisions for infection or inflammation. At this point, you should be able to sleep flat instead of elevating your head.

Second Week of Recovery

Some bruising and swelling on your face and neck is still normal during the second week of your recovery. You may also see bruising around your eyes or behind your ears. Some people feel a strange tingling or burning sensation around this time. This is normal, but if you’re concerned, you can always call your doctor to make sure nothing’s wrong.

You still won’t be able to do any heavy or strenuous activity, but you shouldn’t be bedridden. You may feel self-conscious about being seen in social situations because of the swelling, but you should take easy walks to help with your circulation. Your doctor will advise you against going out in direct sunlight, though. You can apply makeup around the edges of your incisions or scars to cover them while you wait for them to heal.

Long Term Results

During the third and fourth weeks of your recovery, the incisions should start to look much better. They’ll look puckered or bunched up after the surgery, but they’ll smooth out during weeks three and four. At this point, you should be ready to return to work or to your normal social situations. There may still be some noticeable swelling, but everyone heals at a different pace, and it’s hard to predict how quickly you’ll recover.

It takes a full year for the permanent results of your facelift to be visible. Residual swelling and tightness can last for months. You also may experience changes in skin sensation for a year after your surgery.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your surgery or your recovery, you should contact your doctor. It never hurts to get an additional checkup to make sure you’re healing properly. Following your doctor’s post-op instructions is the best way to achieve great results and have the most comfortable and successful recovery possible.

Dr. Stephen Weber is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Denver. He and his team perform facelifts and a variety of other cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgeries.

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February 22, 2018

What You Need To Know When Building A Tiny House

When it comes to building a home, you’ll want to make sure that you have an effective plan. Tiny houses are now all the rage, with these 400 square foot homes being something that many single people or couples want for them. It isn’t only easy to clean and maintain but it also looks aesthetic to look at. And did I mention it’s less expensive than building a grand house?

While tiny homes are all the rage today, not a lot of people know exactly what it takes to build one. For those who are wondering about how they can build a tiny house, read on to learn more!

  • Setting The Budget

Tiny houses don’t need to be so expensive but there are quite a few models which can take a toll on your budget. That’s why it’s important to have a strict budget even from the beginning of you planning for your tiny home. Some people build tiny homes from just a few hundred dollars down to sending thousands! Take note that if you aren’t able to build parameters on how much you should be spending, you wouldn’t be able to control it and may go overboard.

When setting a budget, make sure that you develop a master plan. You’ll need to know exactly how your house would look like, the materials to use, as well as how much material you’ll need. After that, do the research online and calculate how much you’ll be needing and add a 10% cushion to that, just in case. And there’s your budget!

  • Know Where the Home Is

When building a tiny home, expect it to have wheels and be able to move around a lot. No need to stick to one area! But that’s also something you have to take account for. You shouldn’t build a tiny home if you don’t know where you’ll be able to place it in. Just because a tiny house has wheels doesn’t mean you’ll be moving it around states once you complete the construction.

I recommend that you build your tiny home in areas near hardware stores. That way, you’ll be able to take quick trips to the hardware store if ever you need anything.

  • Consider The Insurance

People are taking care of the materials and how to build their tiny houses, but the one thing that they forget is their insurance! Remember that if you own a tiny house that’s designed to be placed on existing land permanently, then you should cover it with a home insurance policy. BUT, if your home is on wheels, then there are other options to take note of. For those who will be moving their homes not over once every year, then get a stationary trailer insurance policy. For those who plan to move over once a year, then a travel trailer insurance policy works best.

  • Size and Layout

The one thing people usually do wrong when building a tiny home is that they have a ton of things to consider along the way. There are a ton of must-haves for their home, ending up with it looking impossible or cluttered. That’s why instead of you thinking about your home’s tiny layout to sacrifice the “must-haves” think about the small spaces in your home, which can give you a chance to see what you can do. Look after the size and layout first before you add anything you feel like is a “must-have.”

  • Try It Out Before You Buy

It’s crucial to test or check out a tiny home before you get one (if you plan on getting a pre-constructed one rather than build one ground up). So before you do plan on purchasing one, try to rent a tiny home and spend one week in it, getting a feel and seeing if it’s right for you. Rent tiny homes with spaces and layouts similar to what you want. This will help you weigh the pros and cons of your dream home.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! Building a tiny home may not be as different as building a grand home, but there are still things you’ll still need to learn in order to ensure that your home will look and feel beautiful from the moment you begin building it down to the final product.

I hope that this article on what you should know on how to build a tiny house helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and begin your plans on building a home with Best Builders or on your own today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on building a small house, then comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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February 20, 2018

Handy Tips For Getting Your Newborn To Sleep

“Will my baby sleep through the night?” This question is often asked by many new (and exhausted moms), the answer is yes! However, some babies will be angelic and sleep through when they are very young; others may take that little bit longer. Unfortunately, there is no firm timetable, so all you can do is create the best conditions for your little one.

All babies have different sleep patterns, but it is really after six weeks that regular sleep cycles start to develop. At this time, they will have no concept of night and day and will sleep for up to fifteen hours, although not all at once! Breastfeeding mothers are more likely to feed on demand, for example, when the baby is awake and hungry (and when their milk is available) so in the early weeks it is difficult to develop a pattern, but this will soon happen. The main thing in the early stages is to ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe and part of that is choosing the right place for them to sleep.

Bassinet or Crib

Every girlfriend, parent guide, experienced mom will have their advice to give, and the stores are full of different options. In the very early stages, when you bring your new bundle home, a glamorous bassinet is a great option. You can keep the baby close to you, in your bedroom if you wish while you try to relax, and it will take up much less room than a crib and is also a more economical option. Your baby will feel snug and cocooned, rather like still being in your womb, and will gain a sense of security and warmth, enabling them to settle more readily for sleep. Don’t forget to make time for yourself while the baby is sleeping; you can read a book to unwind, try to catch up on sleep yourself or try a relaxing pursuit such as origami way.

Moving on

As your baby grows and becomes more mobile (turning in their sleep) they will need more space, so this is the time to consider moving them into a crib. By this age (usually three to six months) their feeding patterns have normally emerged and therefore the need to have them close to you is less, so they can move into the wonderful nursery that you have prepared for them. One of the sensible options to consider when you are selecting your crib is one that will eventually convert into a Junior Bed – this not only saves you money but means that your child will already be familiar with their sleeping environment and the only change will be that the bars have been removed.

Disruptions to sleep

As your baby’s body changes and they become more ‘physical,’ meaning they are now completely rolling over or pulling themselves up against the bars of a crib, you may see a change to their nightly sleeping pattern. Don’t panic – this is often a short-term ‘blip,’ and very soon they will be back to their established routine. Whatever their age, it is really useful to develop a routine, whether it is their nightly bottle for little ones, a ten-minute rock in your nursing chair, or even a gentle massage. Whenever this activity occurs, your little one will recognize that it is time for bed and sleep. Then you and your family can turn on the night light, kiss them goodnight and relax!

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February 15, 2018

Cindy Crawford Loves Her 7 For All Mankind Jeans!

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 15, 2018 – Cindy Crawford was photographed wearing 7 For All Mankind on the streets on New York City yesterday! The supermodel was arm in arm with hubby Rande Gerber in her 7 For All Mankind b(air) Denim Skinny Ankle Jeans in Duchess ($179,
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