March 29, 2015

Three fantastic “Must Have” time saving beauty products from Dimitri James & Skinn Cosmetics

Author, international makeup artist and television personality Dimitri James is the founder and man behind Skinn Cosmetics. From his innovative Skinn treatment products for face and body, to his Skinn color and makeup creations, Dimitri James is always spot on with exceptional products and cosmetic solutions that are easy to use and apply! .
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Skinn’s Wake up Big Bright Eyes-$28.00:
This one of the best palettes I’ve ever used personally, and as a makeup artist. I’m amazed at how quickly I’m able to achieve a finished and balanced eye look. When I’m on location doing makeup, the palette saves me a lot of time! It also imparts a flawless appearance on all different types of eyes. It’s blendable, with four very compatible shades, and very easy to apply, Skinn’s Wake up Big Bright Eyes Palette adapts beautifully to just about everyone!
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Products Left to Right:
Brow Gel: My eyebrows are sparse. Using the brow gel, I’m able to shape and fill in my brows with ease. They look great all day and never look penciled in or unnatural. The gel is a very versatile color that you can apply, as needed to suit your particular eyebrow needs! Use the angle brush that is included in the palette to enhance your brows.
Eye Highlight Color: Next brush the light soft pink shadow on your complete eye area from lid to brow. Use the shadow brush that’s on the other side of the angle brush.
Shape & Contour Color: Now you’ll contour your eye with the mauve shadow. I usually follow the crease of my eye and shadow slightly above that crease for a real eye lifted look . ( Remember to wipe off the shadow brush whenever you use a different color shadow.)
Line & Define Color:: Your final step is lining and defining your eye. You can use the angle brush or a liner brush with the Cocoa shade. Follow the shape of your eyelid right by your lashes for a precise, clean line. Smudge the line a bit for an attractive softly defined shaping. I’ll sometimes enhance the outer corner of my eye lifting deeper color up into the crease of my eye for a little more drama. With these colors, I’ll still maintain a natural appearance. That’s what I think is so remarkable about the Wake Up Big Bright Eyes Palette, The colors work so well together!

Purchase your Wake Up Big Bright Eyes at:
Skinn Bright Eyes-$12.00:
Skinn Bright Eyes is a perfect complement to your Wake Up Big Bright Eyes Palette! Skinn Bright Eyes has been a staple in my professional case for years! It’s
Lightweight and hydrating, making it a smart choice for the sensitive under eye area. It still, however, gives a nice pick me up so you won’t have to worry about the undereye darkness, which often occurs when you wake up with tired eyes on those mornings when you haven’t had enough sleep. It’s a must have for an afternoon touch-up, and just what you need for a little lift before an evening out on the town! You’ll find many uses for this versatile highlighting brightener!

Skin Bright is available at:

Skinn Contour Pro-$48.75

Dimitri’s Skinn Contour Pro gives your face a natural sculpted look. Remember dark recedes, and light accentuates. I’ll usually apply the darker color to the contour of my cheek bone and just under my jaw bone. I’ll then place the lighter color from the outer corner of my eye area to my temple for a lifting and highlighting effect! Once again, the word subtle applies to the Skinn Contour Pro. I like to use my fingertips to apply and blend, but there are brush options as well. The Skinn Contour Pro palette is another must have to achieve that picture perfect finished look.

Take a moment to watch this video of Dimitri James actually applying Skinn Contour Pro on a model. It’s a very informative visual presentation!
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To purchase Contour Pro on EVINE live
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