December 10, 2014

Fill her Stocking with Smashbox


I love the Limitless 15 Hour Wear cream eye shadow and the Always Sharp waterproof Khol liner by Smashbox. To start off, The eye shadow colors that I used were called Gemstone which is a shimmering light brown color, and the other one was called Neptune and that one was a beautiful greenish-blue color. First of all, this eye shadow goes on really smoothly and evenly. Plus on top of that, each eye cream shadow has absolutely amazing pigmentation which makes the colors look very bold, noticeable, shimmery and makes for mesmerizing eyes no matter what color. The name of this product doesn’t lie. The eye cream shadow lasts way longer than most eye shadows and won’t ever fade or smudge on you so you won’t have to worry about constant touch ups!

The name of the eyeliner that I used was called French Navy. I especially love this product because I’m a huge fan of eyeliner and I’ve tried many different brands and I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite eyeliners that I’ve ever used. The reasons why are simple, after a while of wearing some eyeliners, especially if you’re wearing it on the waterline of your eye, it will start to smudge and go below the waterline and it makes under your eye look really dark. But since this eyeliner is waterproof, it will stay on your waterline for extended amounts of time without it smudging. Another thing to love about this product is that there’s a sharpener inside of the cap so when you twist it to the right it sharpens itself! Along with all those reasons to love this eyeliner, the color is amazing and has great pigmentation.

So if you would like long lasting eye cream shadow and eyeliner, you should definitely try these Smashbox products! Smashbox eye liners and shadows make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Guest Blogger, Rachael Murray

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