November 29, 2013

I Want the World to Know I Love Mixed Chicks Spring Bands


Mixed Chicks Spring Bands

Mixed Chicks Spring Bands

I purchased Mixed Chicks Spring Bands for my daughter because I thought they were fun and would look cute in her hair. Surprising they really work and when I love a product………  I LOVE A PRODUCT AND WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW!!  One morning, late as usual, I was in a rush to meet a bunch of friends for our weekly 6 mile run. Opening the door and heading out, I realized I did not have anything to hold back my hair so I rushed back into the kitchen in desperate need of an elastic. On the kitchen counter was one of the Mixed Chicks Hair Bands (You can find hair accessories all over my house and every time my husband picks up one, he announces that we can open up our own beauty store with his “finding supply”). I scooped it up and ran out the door. Yes, I had thoughts of this hair band ruining my run because the results would be hair in my face irritating me and hair sticky to my sweaty back. I needed this hair band to hold my hair away from my face and off my back. As I started my run, I was being a little cautious so my hair band would hold up for at least one of the miles. That philosophy flew out the window, as my friends are very completive and I found myself rapidly sprinting to be ahead of the gang, surprisingly after the 6 miles my hair was still intact.  The Mixed Chicks Hair Band stayed in place and held my hair away from my face and off my back without the wrenching feeling of your hair being pulled back by a 3 year old.

Then there was the genuine test of how the Mixed Chicks Spring Band will exit my hair, as my hair expands in humidity and gets a little wild. Well, it slid out very easily with no damage or hair attached to it. It was as simple as that! Mixed Chicks Spring Bands will keep your hair pulled back and out of your eyes while you workout, play, or just look pretty! They never stretch out and spring back to position so you always have that secure feeling. Curls or frizzy hair will not get tangled as they would with standard fabric or elastic hair bands. Mixed Chicks Hair Bands are specially designed for thick and curly hair! Mixed Chicks Hair Bands comes with 5 bands in each pack and available in pretty colors!  I always have a Mixed Chicks Hair Band around my wrist, ready to be used! Best invention ever!

Laurie Carcieri, Fashion and fFtness Enthuiast


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