May 29, 2013

Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted, You Can’t Help But Love It!


Although I don’t like to admit it because it’s cliché, I am one of those girls who spends a good chuck of their summer driving to the beach with my friends screaming Taylor Swift lyrics while her music blasts. Taylor Swift’s songs are so peppy and catchy they instantly put you in a better mood and her perfume has the same effect.

Because perfumes are so expensive, I like to have one or two quality scents. The perfume I used before Taylor Swift’s was quite musty and I hated wearing it in the spring/summer. So once I smelt Wonderstruck Enchanted it knew it was time to make it my signature scent for warm weather! The light, sweet and feminine floral scent is simple and perfect for any and every occasion. I wear it to work, I wear it to go out with friends, at the beach and I can even wear it to go shopping. What makes Wonderstruck Enchanted even better is that the perfume is long lasting, I only have to apply it once and I am ready for the day! Wonderstruck Enchanted has been nothing but flawless and versatile. I am not the only one that loves it, I have gotten at least a handful of compliments about how I smell whenever I am wearing the perfume!

In addition, Wonderstruck Enchanted comes it the cutest reddish purple round bottle with four charms attached to it—a flower, a leaf, a crystal, and a bird. I love the way the perfume looks sitting, ready to use, on my vanity table. Overall, Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume is just like a Taylor Swifts song, so catchy, sweet, and beautiful that you can’t help but love it and other people will too—even if they are a Taylor Swift fan!

image - Version 2Rachel Aiello

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