April 30, 2013

Keep Your Body in the “Glow” Not in the “No”


Have you ever had a regrettable encounter with a self-tanner? You take your product home and follow the directions on “how to apply.”  You are excited to look in the mirror and expect to look like a bronze goddess only to look like a blotchy bronze mess.  Fortunately, we have the product for you, the Bronze Buffer self-tan remover sponge. The Bronze Buffer sponge is the best buy to rid your body of any orangey residue left by a less than adequate self-tanning product.  The Bronze Buffer sponge is effortless to use and removes unwanted self-tanning blunders quickly.  It is handy product that will keep your body in the “glow” not in the “no.”

Bronze Buffer was developed by former beauty editor turned freelance beauty writer and blogger Paige Herman-Axel. As stated by Paige Herman-Axel, “Being in the beauty business for 15 years, I’ve tried countless self-tanners to achieve that ‘I just got back from vacation’ glow without actually leaving my own home. While some products work better than others, I was always searching for a product that could fix mistakes or remove color in a fast and easy way, so I decided to create it myself”.

Learn more about the Bronze Buffer self-tan remover sponge and how to use it at https://bronzebuffer.com/
You can also find Bronze Buffer at https://www.facebook.com/BronzeBuffer?group_id=0 where you can see photos of this remarkable Buffer Sponge in use.

Laurie Payne, Guest Blogger

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