January 30, 2013

New York Times and Usa Today Best-Selling Author Brenda Novak’s third book in the Whiskey Creek Series ~ “When Summer Comes” has just been released!

New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Brenda Novak

“When Summer Comes”, the third book in the Whiskey Creek Series by acclaimed author, Brenda Novak is here! Preceded by “When Lightning Strikes, and “When Snow Falls” in the Series, “When Summer Comes” looks to be another winner for this creative author who spins a tale in every book she writes that is difficult to put down once you’ve started to read it!

“When Summer Comes”, by author Brenda Novak
~Third in the Whiskey Creek Series~

Whether you’re new to Brenda’s captivating style or a dedicated fan as I am, you’ll want to visit the following link: http://www.brendanovak.com/books_whiskeycreek_when_summer_comes.html to not only read an excerpt from “When Summer Comes”, but also have the opportunity to purchase your copy of the book! (“When Summer Comes” is also available in the audio format.)

There is a lot of additional interesting information on this site that you’ll want to peruse while you are there!

Happy Reading and enjoy…

“When Summer Comes”
by Brenda Novak

(Any quotes or paraphrasing in this article from obtained Promo fact sheet, and www.brendanovak.com)

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