January 29, 2013

Active Lifestyle? Outdoor Sports Person? Always on the Go? Meet Vault™”One Touch” Lip Care !

Vault™ is a “ premier line of lip care products ” with a very unique patented retractable delivery system that lets you stay on top of your “Game” and look your best with the ability to uncap, apply, and recap your Vault™ lip product conveniently with one hand without missing a beat with what ever it is you are doing.

Vault™ ~ One Touch Lip Care for Active Lifestyles

Check out the Tinted Lip Balm in action on this Vault™ website video link: http://www.vaulticon.com/products/tinted-lip-balm-spf15-natural-ingredients

I was delighted to personally receive a Tinted Lip Balm , which is from one of the Three Collections in the Vault Lip Care Line .

I was so impressed with the ease of application, subtle lip shade, feel on my lips, and portability that now I always toss my Tinted Lip Balm right in my pocket wherever I go! You can really get used to that slick one hand application! I can only imagine how handy it is if you’re involved in active outdoor activities! The Tinted Lip Balm contains cocoa, Shea butters, Aloe, vitamin E, and (Quote) “the color palette, inspired by the snow-covered Sierra Mountains, Orange County beach scene, adds a matte finish and pop of color!” What a visual delight! I really like the soft matte finish of the Tinted Lip Balm , and look forward to trying more of the 8 colors that are available. The price is $9.00.

The other two additionally impressive collections in the Vault™ lip care line include:
Lip Gloss ~ (Quote) “With a bond girl applicator, the Lip Gloss provides the look of a spy while delivering vibrant color for a supple, voluminous pout.” Take a look at this Vault™ website video link for a nice visual of the Lip Gloss, one hand application: http://www.vaulticon.com/products/lip-gloss
You know the Lip Gloss is going to be alluring, and the jojoba oil and vitamin E will nourish and hydrate your lips. There are 16 shades in the Lip Gloss collection and the price is $16.00.

And the final collection, Lip Balm Sport ~ This “natural” lip balm keeps your lips hydrated and smooth with beeswax, vitamin E, and almond and coconut oil. You may also purchase it with SPF 15 for lip protection! The price is $4.95.

You may purchase all three of the Vault™ Collections right online at:
http: www.vaulticon.com

Compliments and an A+ Grade to Julia and Craig Carrol from Newport Beach, California where they founded Vault™ in 2011! They sure did their homework in not only bringing their (Quote) “Mission of creating beauty and body care products that cater to the lifestyles of active people” into being, but patented a remarkable delivery system that provides a “one hand” application for busy people in any situation.

Vault’s Lip Care Collections

•Lip Gloss •Tinted Lip Balm • Lip Balm Sport

(Quotes and/or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from PR Fact Sheets and www.vaulticon.com)

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