July 22, 2011

“Bonding over Beauty” by Erika Katz is a must read book for moms with tween to teen daughters

I am so impressed with this wonderful book that Erika Katz has written to help Moms during that tween to teen time in their daughter’s lives, by providing solutions to the issues that these young gals are dealing with. It’s the perfect opportunity for moms to provide “bonding” moments with their daughters as they transition into young women, and give them that much needed loving guidance during this special time.

“Bonding over Beauty” contains a lot of information and direction that will help you, step by step, to create enjoyable memories and an opportunity for you to utilize solutions in the book to pertinent issues and questions the young gals are dealing with, that might otherwise present a bit of a challenge for you to approach.

The content in “Bonding over Beauty” is so exceptional that I highly encourage not only moms, but dads, and grandparents to read this book, as well.

As a parent who raised two wonderful boys who have now presented my husband and me with 5 young granddaughters, I personally appreciated the great direction and guidance to be able to share with our girls when they reach that age, and start asking all those “personal” questions.

This is the perfect source for answers that will create a bond that will always remain a cherished remembrance. Erica Katz has truly put together everything you’ll need to know in this book!

From haircare, skincare, makeup, unwanted body hair , female and health issues, nutrition, body care, and so much more, the information is so well presented, and the professionals who contributed helpful hints and information are “Top Notch!”

(Information used from “About the Author” from Bonding over Beauty)
Erika Katz got an early start in the beauty field when she was 3 months old and on the cover of BABYTALK magazine with her father. By thirteen she had appeared in over a hundred television commercials , Hollywood and television films, photographed by Richard Avedon , and also modeled for many catalogs and national magazines.

A Dartmouth College graduate with a degree in French and psychology, Erika interned in the beauty department at SEVENTEEN magazine and used all of her accumulated experience from all of the work she had done at SEVENTEEN, cosmetology classes, and substantial work in television and modeling as her basis for the creating of Bonding over Beauty.

My readers know how I feel about the importance of a person to be able to feel good on the inside and then have that feeling translate to their beauty on the outside!

I was so touched with Erica Katz’s words that she wrote in the AFTERWORD section of her book that I was instantly “bonded” to the beautiful intent of Erica’s writing this book!

(and I quote) ” Please keep in mind that this book is not about making your daughter “beautiful” or turning her into a beauty queen. Rather, it is about helping her deal with the joys and struggles all girls face as they grow into womanhood.”

For more information, please go to : www.bondingoverbeauty.com

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bonding-Over-Beauty-by-Erika-Katz/150893504958985

Twitter :http://twitter.com/#!/bondoverbeauty

Bonding over Beauty is also available at :www.amazon.com

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