July 16, 2011

BORGHESE Splendore All Over Body Bronzer

The elegance of BORGHESE is evident in their Splendore All over Body Bronzer. The design of the applicator is graceful and it’s very easy to use. The brush is just perfect to dust your arms, legs, décolleté, and face very lightly with this mineral powder to achieve a soft delicate bronze glow that imparts a very natural finish.

When you first open your applicator, “twist” the silver neck to the right and gently shake. This will allow the powder to dispense into the brush.

What I did was test the application on my hand to make sure that just the right amount of product was coming out of the brush. Use a light touch as you don’t need a lot of product to achieve that perfect flawless look. You can always add more, if desired.

I’m very fair, and needed very little to acquire a nice glow to my skin. I also highlighted my cheek bones, and was very pleased with the look. Less is best and the look is quite lovely.

BORGHESE Splendore All Over Body Bronzer is talc free, mineral oil free, and fragrance free. It’s a product all skin types are able to use and enjoy!

When you are done using your bronzer, just twist the silver neck to the left so the powder brush is closed and there will be no spillage.

I was really impressed with the of the softness of this Bronzer. It gives that shimmer and nice finish, but it’s not over done…..

You can find and purchase BORGHESE Splendore All Over Body Bronzer by going to :

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