May 30, 2011

The perfect “must-have” multi-tasking product from dermHa !

The dermHa product line can provide you with, and I quote, “Clinically Formulated Therapeutic Care for Sensitive Skin!”

That, in itself, is great when you want the benefit of all the new technology, but prefer a more gentle approach to your skincare.

I couldn’t believe it when I received the dermHa Eye and Neck creme! Could it be, I wondered? One product that could help both the eye and neck area.

I was very intrigued ! As a national makeup artist, I have to say that the most frequent frustration that has been shared with me from clients as they sit in my “makeup chair” seems to always be with their eye and neck area.

Those are two of the challenges we all face, both genders included, as we age.

dermHa Eye and Neck Creme contains (Quoted from their website):
•Green Tea
•Grape Seed and Olive Extract
•Hyaluronic Acid
•Soothing Botanicals and Phosphollpids which decreases free radical damage.

This will encourage the skin of your eye and neck area to appear “firmer, smoother, brighter”.

I liked the soft feel of this product and ease of application when I gently applied the creme to my eye, neck and decollette area. The look was moist, hydrated and felt very smooth all day long.

I would highly recommend dermHa Eye and Neck Creme as the perfect “Must Have” addition to your regime!

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