March 25, 2011

My interview with Multi-Talented Sean Kanan AKA “Soap Star”, Deacon Sharpe, from The Young and the Restless

I couldn’t wait for my office phone to ring so I could interview Sean Kanan! After all, we all recognize Sean as the Young and the Restless “Soap Star” who comes into our homes each day as Deacon Sharpe , the very good looking, yet notorious “shady” character you have to “love”… even though he always has some kind of ” dubious game plan” up his sleeve!

When his call came, Sean’s charismatic and easy going personality set the mood for a very congenial conversation. After a few moments we realized that we shared a couple of mutual friends in the business, and I found myself quite interested in finding out more about some of the projects that this very multi-talented actor, writer and producer had going on, in addition to his starring role on The Young and the Restless.

Sean was extremely enthusiastic about a Rap Video that his girlfriend, FLIP CREATIVE Vice President/Manager, Michele Vega, was producing. It’s called “I’M A SOAP STAR” starring Sean, along with popular fellow “Soap Star” Ronn Moss, and a cast that sure seems to be having a fab time “RAPPING ON” in this “change of pace” venue!

Production of “I’M” A SOAP STAR” should be completed very soon, and I can only imagine that this will be something you won’t want to miss! . So keep checking in for “I’M A SOAP STAR, updates!

Sean is also starring in a movie that starts production in May, titled “MY TRIP BACK TO THE DARK SIDE”. The film will be directed by Emmy Award winning film maker, Shane Stanley, Michele Vega is one of the co-producers, and Sean will play a character named David Prince.

Quoting information from IMDB regarding “MY TRIP BACK TO THE DARK SIDE” :
The genre is a comedy – thriller, and the Movie Storyline is about a dramatic turn of events that force Shawn Stone to take another trip to the dark side. This time he and David Prince join forces to make The Foreign Exchange.”

Sounds like a “Must See” movie to me, and will keep you posted as I receive any new information about Sean’s film and the Rap Video!

Rock on Sean! This is going to be a fast paced Summer with your busy schedule! Wishing you all the best and look forward to catching up with you again real soon!!

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