March 12, 2019

Swedish Watch Brand Gyllen Empowers Women Through Infinity

Swedish Watch Brand Gyllen Empowers Women Through Infinity

Swedish Watch Brand Gyllen


Newly launched Swedish brand GYLLEN is selling Swiss watches for women that not only serve as a timepiece but also act as a visual reminder to life’s endless possibilities. Intrigued? This already much buzzed about brand is offering even the pickiest of buyers ultralight, modern, affordable pieces which truly compliment any outfit. All watches have Swiss movement, unscratchable sapphire crystal glass, 50M water resistance and are plated in real 24K 99.9% purity gold, shiny white gold and rose gold colour.


Julyana Otelinger, who previously worked with the #1 lighting designer in the world Ingo Maurer, joined forces with her partner Richard Gyllenbern to disrupt the watch industry by selling value through emotions and feelings. The duo is targeting women who want to buy a watch not only because of its quality and aesthetic design but more so because they feel a strong connection with the brand message and infinity sign on the watch.


The brand’s core message is already hitting hard with buyers. One Australian girl with cancer reminds herself to keep fighting, one Swedish girl with Cervical Dystonia is reminded about acceptance, while another Belgian girl who lost her daughter is reminded about balance and to appreciate the small things in life.


All these ladies are sharing their stories on the brand’s website which serves to empower other women to stay strong, keep fighting and to be reminded that regardless of what you do, have done or will do, everything is possible.


All watches have gone through rigorous quality controls to meet the standards of true affordable feminine luxury with prices less than $199.

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