January 13, 2019

Korean beauty products are created with the Korean beauty philosophy in mind

K Beauty Doctor Breaks Boundaries

Korean beauty products are created with the Korean beauty philosophy in mind and designed to work long-term by nurturing the skin starting at the root. The long-term, gentle approach is what really helps skin get that glow that truly beams with that signature “K-beauty healthy and hydrated look”.

Meet Dr. Jenelle Kim, the Queen of Korean Skincare and formulator of Cannabis Beauty Defined, the first-ever Korean skincare line that incorporates CBD oil into traditional K-beauty products to further enhance the benefits your skin already receives from traditional skincare.

CBD hemp oil has a huge range of skincare benefits due to it being loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to protect against aging skin. Hemp oils act as a barrier to strengthen and soothe skin and protect it from sun damage. Your body absorbs the oil, too, allowing the benefits of the CBD to go beyond just your face.

Forbes Magazine predicts the multi-billion dollar CBD industry to grow 700% by 2020 with Dr. Kim standing in the frontline as a massive contributor to this number with her luxury skincare line. So, who is the woman that disrupted the beauty industry with her CBD infused products? Dr. Jenelle Kim, a skin enthusiast who’s passionate about her purpose to change the way we nourish our skin is inspired by Eastern philosophies and her Korean lineage to create products that change not only how we look on the outside, but how we feel internally.



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