January 13, 2019

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Footwear For Your Office


Part of being properly attired for the office involves selection footwear that is in line with the dress code. Fortunately, there are quality brands like Merrell shoes that offer all sorts of solutions. All you have to do is decide what qualities you want and find a pair that has all of them. Here are a few tips that will help you choose a pair of shoes for the office that will serve you well.

Casual or Business?

What sort of footwear is included in your company dress code? Consider what sort of designs the employer considers appropriate. For example, did you know that a pair of slip-ons may be considered too casual even if they are somewhat dressy? If that’s the case, then you might want to consider something like an Oxford design with a lower heel and subtle appearance.

You can bet that among the best shoes for men in Canada you can find something that’s fine for the most casual office setting or one that leans more toward the traditional and the conservative.

The Colour Matters

Colour may also come into play when it comes to selecting shoes for the workplace. A safe choice with any type of traditional office setting is to go with basic black. A nice pair of Merrell shoes in black will go with just about any type of business attire one can imagine, making them more versatile.

If your company dress code does allow options like darker brown shades in addition to black, feel free to invest in a pair or two. They will certainly work on those days when you wear some lighter shades of slacks and pair them with a darker sport coat.

Materials That Hold Up Well Are Important

Always consider the materials used for the shoes that you select. Some synthetic materials look fine at first, but they don’t tend to wear well. Lesser brands may be made of materials that crease a lot faster than those made using higher quality materials. The last thing you need is a new pair of shoes that look heavily worn after only a month or so. Spend a little more for the best shoes for men in Canada and you will actually save money on shoe repair and replacement over the next couple of years.

Go With a Comfortable Fit

Since you will be wearing the shoes all day, it makes sense to go with a pair that feel comfortable. That means the size must be perfect and the cushioning should be sufficient to absorb the shock of walking over concrete floors that are covered with nothing more than a thin layer of padding and carpeting. You’ll find that all the designs offered by Merrell shoes have excellent cushioning and sizing that makes it easy to enjoy a proper fit.

Support Matters Even If You Are at a Desk All Day

Support is just as important as comfort when it comes to shoes for the workplace. Perhaps you do spend the majority of your day at a desk. Even so, you need support that ensures your feet and legs are not subjected to undue stress. Thanks to the support offered by the best shoes for men in Canada, your feet will feel fine at the end of the day. Your lower legs will also not feel strained and the odds of experiencing muscle cramps are kept to a minimum.

Remember that investing in the right pair of shoes for the workplace is not just about projecting a professional appearance. It’s also about wearing something that’s good for your feet and lower legs. Choose carefully and those shoes will serve you well for a long time.

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