September 27, 2018

Adore your Skincare, I Adore Mine!

I don’t routinely use neck creams. Whatever moisturizer I am using, I will use on my neck and chest. I recently found a neck cream that I really enjoy and have been using it consistently which is rare for me. Adore Cosmetics offers  Performer Sculpting Neck Serum. I loved the feel of it from the fist application almost 3 months ago. I really needed a good neck cream. My neck is a little saggy and has lots of fine lines. I knew from the start the sagginess would not go away but if he fine lines were minimized, I would feel much better.

I applied Performer Sculpting Neck Serum morning and night (just a drop) and I can honestly say the fine lines have minimized which surprised me, but it did work. My neck is not perfect, but to me, it looks much better.

Not only did Performer Sculpting Neck Serum  diminish the appearance fine lines in my neck and décolletage area, it gave me an overall  appearance of a younger looking neck. Performer Sculpting Neck Serum has a pleasant scent. It is also very high end so thankfully,  just a drop covers my neck completely.

What makes Performer Sculpting Neck Serumso unique?

The key to Performer Sculpting Neck Serum success is their patented plant stem cell formula. The exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula provides your skin with a smooth texture. “We amplify this nutrient’s action with Vitamin E to freshen the skin. Allantoin hydrates dry skin, while Pro-Vitamin B5 moisturizes and plumps the appearance of the skin. Extracts of chamomile, green tea and other botanicals soothe and refresh skin”. “Stem cells have shown great potential to treat critical conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Adore Cosmetics uses the same type of technology for beauty using stem cells found in organic fruits and vegetables.”

Consistency is the key for best results. Learn more about Adore cosmetics here:


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