August 15, 2018

5 Reasons to Shift to the Diva Cup…

Women go through various health problems and are harmed by various infections. Their private areas are often exposed to various bacteria and germs which can be dangerous and can affect those areas and infect. To get rid of this problem, a new invention is the diva cup, which keeps them healthy and it also protect their private areas during menstruation.

Diva cup is a menstrual cup having the shape of a bell, and it is placed internally. This cup sits low in the canal of the vagina, gathering the menstrual flow. This has reduced the itchiness that the women feel by using tampons or pads. This cup is an alternative to the traditional hygiene methods used by women during menstrual cycles.

Why one should switch to the diva cup?

Diva cup does not need to be changed more often: This statement is not fully true as sometime it may be needed to change frequently. This diva cup needs to be changed every 12 hours mainly during morning and night and this proves to be very beneficial for women.

They find this cup more convenient as it saves them from any harassment or embarrassing situation due to any inconvenient leak which are generally caused by tampons or pads. To maintain comfort, it is recommended to empty the cup and clean it more often whenever they get opportunity. This is more hygienic than the pads and is very efficient in providing women a safe menstrual period which is a phase full of irritation for them.

Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals: Tampons are made by using cotton and various compounds ant it can be assured that some chemicals are added to it. These are potentially harmful for the body. To add fragrance to the product, the producers apply various chemicals. These chemicals are not healthy for the body and can damage the body when used for a long period. Most of the sanitary products are by-products of bleaching process.

The diva cup does not include any chemicals in it and is totally safe to be applied by women. These cups are not at all harmful and can give better results when used for a long time. This cup is made by remembering the defects of the conventional sanitary products like tampons and pads.

No extensive link to Toxic shock syndrome: Tampons are generally associated with a high risk of getting toxic shock syndrome. The experts are not fully sure but they believe this. Generally, many bacteria reside in our body which are generally harmless but can harm and infect the body if they are left to overgrow. Staphylococcus aureus is a bacteria which is associated with this syndrome. Tampons are thus highly exposed to the risks and thus the experts do advice everyone for menstrual cups which are generally believed of not carrying any major risk when used.

Save money: Though the cost of buying the diva cup can seem to be costly and it can be seen as a very costly device, but this cup reduces the monthly expense of buying pads. This cup also saves the time of the users as it reduces their trips to pharmacy to buy sanitary pads and tampons. Thus this diva cup is very essential as well as beneficial as it provides comfort to women in various ways.

Do not cause dryness: As we know that the tampons have various chemicals in it, they absorb the blood. Tampons soak up the menstrual blood in the vagina which cause discomfort to women and results in dryness, irritation, risk of abrasion. The diva cup is made to collect the blood and not absorb it. Thus they do not cause any irritation to the vaginal part such as itchiness, dryness. This cup provides comfort to the private parts during the menstrual cycle and it prevents the body from being damaged by various internal and external factors.

No doubt, these five reasons are enough to show that the diva cup is much more efficient and better than the conventional sanitary products. These are made by keeping various things in mind along with the difficulties that women face when using pads or tampons.

Making the cycle of menstruation leakage free is thus a great advantage and thus women can freely go anywhere without the thought of being embarrassed anywhere. This cup maintains a hygiene environment of the vaginal area and the main motive is to save the body from various harmful bacteria.

Those who have used this product, highly appreciate it as they have experienced a better menstrual cycle with more comfort. Check out this review here and see how women are appreciating the new product and are highly satisfied with it. Thus we can finally conclude that this diva cup is a better and cleaner sanitary product that can help women in various ways. – Article bl01

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  1. I haven’t tried menstrual cups ever. Although my friends switched to this, I doubted because I thought it’s going to get messy. Now I’m a bit interested to reconsider.

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