August 8, 2018

Microfeathering A Spinoff from Microblading


 (New York, NY) – Semi-permanent makeup is fire right now, and Kait Paige, microblading expert at Boom Boom Brow Baris one of the top artists in NYC.  Her newest service is Microfeathering, a service for people who want to lightly fill out the brows they already have, versus Microblading, a more aggressive approach to crafting brows…sometimes from scratch.

Microfeathering is a technique used for clients that don’t need or want their entire eyebrow done. Like if they have gaps or sparse areas on a certain part of the eyebrow, for example, the fronts and ends of the brows that tend to stop short. Paige matches an exact color to the natural brow shade, and like microblading, uses a special tool to make tiny incisions into the brow that look like hair.  She uses the existing brow hair as a starting base and fills in hair like strokes where needed. Her signature look is achieving arches where the real hair cannot be differentiated from the microfeathered strokes.  Cost: Partial (front or ends) $275; Full Brow $500.

“Not everyone is a candidate for microfeathering.  Most studios and cosmetic tattoo artists have websites that list the contraindications and who can’t have it done. Do your research and if you’re unsure, you can always consult your doctor,” says Paige.

Paige suggests finding a cosmetic tattoo artist whose work you admire and who has their Tattoo license from the state they practice in. “And, do not go somewhere because it’s the cheapest, this is a semi permanent tattoo on your FACE that lasts over a year, so choose wisely,” she adds.

Appointments scheduled @ 516-972-7406, follow on Instagram @kaitpaigebeauty


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