August 2, 2018

FOX46 , Good Day Charlotte It’s a Glam Thing “Beauty’s Best”

FOX46, Good Day Charlotte – Today, I presented It’s a Glam Thing Summer’s “Beauty’s Best” Products & Award Winners

Good Day Charlotte Beauty's Best August 2, 2018

Good Day Charlotte It’s a Glam Thing Beauty’s Best Summer 2018









  1. Double Dare, OMG, Zone System Facial Mask Kits,


  1. La-Tweez Limited Edition Mystic Dreams Mermaid Ombre Illuminating Tweezers



  1. Saints & Sinners Sulfate Free Velvet Divine Moisture Shampoo & Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Daily Conditioner (Sold in salons only)


  1. Goldfaden MD Sun Visor Ultra-Light-Oil Free SPF 30 Mist. Doctor developed.


I’ll be back with more product picks. Watch for my videos at It’s a Glam Thing and on social media. @enyaflack

It’s a Glam Things Beauty’s Best Summer 2018



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