July 10, 2018

New music is on the Horizon

Writing music involves being vulnerable, being open, and being honest to truly connect with those who take the time to listen. I love writing music because it helps me articulate my emotions, how I feel in a given circumstance, and may even help me let go of an experience I no longer want to hold on to.

Music is so universal and has the ability to make people smile, laugh, dance, cry, and so much more. Whether we realize it or not, people connect to all kinds of music in different ways for various reasons that may vary from person to person. However, we all can agree that music brings people together and can be felt by all.

My newest single is written entirely by ME, with no help or advice from anyone else, and produced by the talented grammy-nominated engineer and musician, Elliot Lanam. This new song reflects even more of who I am than previous music, and captures more of my essence and the direction I’m going. I hope you can connect to my lyrics for what they mean to me, by interpreting them in your own way. This is only the beginning and I’m excited for what’s to come. THANK YOU!

This is where it all began…HAHAHAHA

And this is me now 🙂

XO, Lizzy
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