July 10, 2018

#denimobsessed STS Blue Jeans Available at Nordstrom, StSBlue.com and Other of Your Favorite Shopping Destinations

#denimobsessed. I have posted on Instagram and other of our social media sites the STS Blue Ellie High Rise Step Hem Skinny Jean (pictured below). I have worn this jean with sneakers, heels, pumps, ankle booties and wedges. I have worn them with just about every style of shoe in my wardrobe. I have not though with flip flops or thong style sandals. I am not a fan of that look on me but it might look right on you, of course.

Ellie High Rise Step Hem Skinny (Floresta Wash)

Ellie High Rise Step Hem Skinny (Floresta Wash)


I love the high rise fit. This jean rise looks best on my (now) body type. I tuck my tops in to show the high rise. Why cover it up?

The STS Blue Ellie High Rise Step Hem is a SKINNY jean so be careful with tucked in blouses and certain tops. You don’t want to look lollipop-ish.

Tip: After tucking in your top,  zip your jeans over it and raise your arms above your head. This will the right amount of shirt fabric to look best.

I turned on Daytime TV to The Young and The Restless a few weeks ago before ever discovering the Ellie High Rise Step Hem Skinny Jean. Sharon Newman (played by Sharon Case) was wearing the same style hem and I really liked the style then. The jeans might have been the STS Blue, brand, but I do not know for sure. Anyone know?

If you are looking for the most fun oversized boyfriend jacket check out the STS Blue boyfriend jacket. The frayed fringe hem on the bottom and sleeves is adorable. This is a new look for me. It is quite an update from the denim jackets that I have in my closet.


Boyfriend Jacket (Jenson Wash)

Boyfriend Jacket (Jenson Wash)


There are many YouTube videos online showing “How To” fray or fringe your own jacket or jeans. Don’t just Don’t!

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We are #denimobsessed with STS Blue

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