July 5, 2018

Bikini Lovers, It’s National Bikini Day

StraitSwim Bikini Top and Bottom

Strait Swim Bikini Top and Bottom



Bikini lovers celebrate! Today is National Bikini Day. Our friend Jessica shared with us that on July 5, 1946 Louis Reard introduced the “bikini” at a popular Paris swimming pool. In one of his first ad campaigns, he claimed a swimsuit wasn’t a real bikini unless it could be pulled through a wedding ring!

Whether you are bikini clad today or hoping to be this weekend, here are some “Must See” bikinis and “Must Have” Summer Bikini/Beach Accessories that we are loving now.

StraitSwim Bikini brand is founded by and designs are by Alyssa Levesque . “My hope for StraitSwim is that we set ourselves apart by educating our followers about the Torres Strait culture, as well as, providing gorgeous swimwear along the way,” says Alyssa.

Pictured above is the StraitSwim Prince of Wales Damper design which is adorable. From the website,”Prince of Wales is the largest island in the Torres Strait therefore making the Prince of Wales bottom a full coverage bottom. This set was created with four spaghetti strap ties resembling the four secret fishing spots around the island. Adjust these baby’s for your liking so when you adapt for the day, your bikini adapts with you.” Top $95, Bottom $95.

KOLOLO inflatable pool toys are fabulous! “They are made with only the highest quality, non-phthalate vinyl to ensure the best and most fun filled floating experience.” ($59) We want Giant Narwhal !(pictured below).

From the website, “After having found the most Magical creature in all the lands, we decided to start searching the sea. On our quest, we encountered the Unicorn of the sea, the legendary Giant Narwhal. Said to possess supernatural healing and protective abilities, the Narwhal’s horn is the source of true, magical power. With the desire to possess this magnificent creature’s horn and power, ancient Kings and Queens traded gold and jewels in order to acquire it; and thus, the mysterious Narwhal has only become more elusive. Can you win over this legendary creature’s love and trust?”



Giant Narwhal KOLOLO inflatable pool toy

Giant Narwhal KOLOLO inflatable pool toy


  • Easy Inflation – The Giant Narwhal has double valves that allow for quick and easy inflation by air pump or hairdryer on cool. Inflates in less than 5 mins.
  • No Hassle Deflation – When you are ready to pack up, simply pull the plug for rapid, hands-free deflation.
  • Get Comfy – Kololo’s non-phthalate, Soft Touch™ Vinyl ensures a super comfortable and luxurious floating experience with no added risk of toxins.
  • Comes in a Kololo box with a repair patch
  • Inflated size: 78″ x 43″ x 40″

The bandeau bikini-inspired BandaBeau Towel Tamers (towel band wraps) wrap around the top of a lounge chair to keep wind-blown beach towels in place. They are made from a stretchable, swimsuit fabric with ties for easy adjusting, and comes in a variety of vibrant prints to ensure one’s beach chair stands out in a crowd. The designs  also have a hidden zippered pocket that converts to a travel pouch, so its compact enough to tote in a beach bag or pack in a carry-on.  Pair it with BandaBeau’s reversible, lounge chair-length beach towel featuring a plush 100% cotton top for soaking up the sun in comfort, and a super absorbent base for drying off post-swim.


Towel Tamers towel & towel band wrap

BandaBeau Towel Tamers towel & towel band wrap


Finally right now we are loving, Once Upon A Book Club: What is better than immersing yourself in a great book while lounging by the pool.  Have your books come to you with a whole reading experience this summer. How does it work?  Just sign up for a monthly box to arrive at your front door.  Open the gorgeous book shaped box and excitement will build when you see your book along with 3-5 perfectly wrapped gifts with page numbers.  Want to know what is in the gift?  You’ll need to read the book to find out! The gifts are carefully curated to enhance the book.


Once Upon A Book Club

Once Upon A Book Club


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