July 3, 2018

5 Ways to Keep Your Water Feature a Safe Space for Kids

Installing a water feature elevates the look and appeal of a home. Tiered garden fountains and other water features like swimming pools, for example, can give your place a more lavish atmosphere. In addition to beautifying your property, these also attract more birds to your garden or make it more suitable as a venue for events and other activiti

Hwever, the presence of a water feature in your home may pose a danger for children and pets. No matter how shallow a pond is, it’s still a must to take precautionary measures to prevent accidents in the water. Here are some of the things you can do to enjoy the benefits of having a water feature without compromising the safety of your kids:


  • Install a fence or wire mesh. Installing a barrier around the water feature is a great option if there are very young kids in your home. A fence around the perimeter of your pond can deter children from venturing in the water without adult supervision. Ideally, the fence should be around 1.1m high and should have no gaps where the child can squeeze through, plus it should be free of climbing aids. Aside from that, you can install a metal mesh over the water feature. The mesh should be strong enough to hold the weight of a toddler, and its bars should be far apart from each other, enough to let the plants in the pond to get sunlight.
  • Buy pool alarms. Pool alarms are worth looking into if you have a pond or a pool in your property. These sound off when something—a child or a pet—falls into the pool, but they may also get triggered by fish, turtles, or any animals that live near the water. Some pool alarms may also be programmed to go off if anything gets near the water. This type of alarm helps prevent people or pets from falling into the pool.
  • Make sure you can always see the water. It’s important to keep kids under strict supervision when they’re around water, but sometimes, they can dash to the pool or play near the fountain without letting you know. One good way to always know what’s going on in the pool or pond is by making sure these areas are within your line of sight at all times. If possible, position a water feature where you can see it from inside the house. If not, maybe you can install a window somewhere in your home where you can see a good portion of the pool or pond area.
  • Talk to your kids about water safety. Bringing up the issue of water safety to your kids is a must whether or not you have a pool, pond, or fountain in your home. As their guardian, you should never let them into the pool area without supervision. Also, you should make them understand that they shouldn’t get near or in the water if you’re not around, and that going against that rule can be dangerous for them.
  • Establish rules around the pool or pond area. It’s also necessary to establish and reinforce proper pool etiquette, which means no pushing, running, or jumping when in slippery areas. Advise people to wear slippers to prevent slipping. When around a pond, everyone should avoid touching water creatures and should wash their hands after dipping in the water. This can help kids understand that they need to respect other creatures, plus it helps prevent bites and stings from the animals or insects that live in the water.


Water features are fun to have around your home. By setting guidelines, installing safety barriers, and informing and involving your children, your entire family can have a safer time playing in or near your pool or pond.

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