June 23, 2018

Wardrobe Overhaul: How to Give Yourself a Much-Needed Style Update

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Fashion comes and goes, meaning we can buy more than ever and have styles from every era in our closet. If we aren’t making the most of what we own, however, and have things that are gathering dust and taking up space, then the only thing that you are doing is crowding out the items that you love, and not giving yourself the chance to be truly creative with your outfits or what you own. By giving yourself a wardrobe overhaul, you can become the stylish fashionista you have always wanted to be, but on your own terms.

Sort Through Everything You Own

Budget-friendly clothing means we can have massive wardrobes. Even a moderate wardrobe can be filled with things we don’t often wear or don’t care about. Some pieces might be too worn-out to wear; others might not even fit you. There is no reason to keep these pieces in your wardrobe. Instead, go through everything that you own and sort through it. There should be three piles, pieces that you like or often wear, pieces that are in good condition but you don’t want, and pieces that need to be discarded. Put everything you love and often wear back into your wardrobe, sell or donate the pile of clothes that are in good condition, and recycle the rest.

Tips on Designing a DIY Wardrobe Space

The better you can see your clothes and the better they are displayed, the better you will be able to value what you own and come up with creative and incredibly stylish outfits. If you don’t have the actual wardrobe space, go minimal. Pick up a clothing rail or make your own and make your clothes the work of art they deserve to be. Transform your closet space into a beautiful creation that you love to showcase to your friends and family. The better the space, the more fun you can have when getting dressed.

Budget Tips to Help You Curate the Ultimate Style on a Budget

Clearing out your wardrobe is a great first step, but chances are you will want to shop for more items as the years go on. Not only is it fun, but it also helps your wardrobe stay refreshed and inviting! The only issue is that with as many fast fashion brands as there are, it can be all too easy to want to choose the cheaper fashion pieces. The problem with doing this is that these items are very delicate, meaning they won’t last and can start to look crumpled after just a few wears. That is why opting to shop at a department store that has price match guarantee and financing options can be a lifesaver to your closet. Opt for the better-made garments, and enjoy them for as long as you want to, not for as long as they look good.

Every so often a wardrobe overhaul is needed, to ensure that you only keep the best and most versatile pieces in your home. Improve the design of the space itself, and improve the garments you add to it, and you can cultivate your own unique look that has a timeless appeal.

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