May 29, 2018

When you need a little Harmony in your life

When you need a little Harmony in your life, Harmony Patches are there to greet you. Harmony Patches are a natural remedy “in patch form of course” to help relieve many types of discomfort in babies, children and adults.  There are Harmony Cough Patches and Harmony Colic Patches for infants and babies up to 12 months; Harmony Cough Patches and Tummy Patches for ages one to seven, and adult Harmony Cough and Tummy Patches for ages eight and up.


“The Harmony Patches creator, Dr. May Loo”, respected clinician, Chinese medicine expert and a mother, “came up with the idea when her newborn daughter would not stop crying due to probable gas.  She applied a mixture of ground herbs using a bandage and her baby instantly calmed down and went to sleep.  After years of research and development, she has brought her idea full circle and is now offering Harmony Patches to consumers everywhere.”

Harmony Patches contain safe USDA organic ingredients  like organic ginger, chamomile and fennel in propriety formula.  I drink Chamomile tea to relieve stress and I use ginger and fennel in my cooking. For this reason, I know Harmony Patches are safe to use. Each Harmony Patch is formulated for a transdermal delivery system providing rapid and long-lasting symptom relief.

There are a lot of advantages using the patch as opposed to taking oral medicines. Medicines can be hard to swallow, literally, and I mean that for babies, young children and adults. I had a hard time getting my children to take medicine. Even as they got older, they did not like swallowing pills but they had no choice. Another important aspect to consider is that medicines can contain alcohol, sugar, bicarbonate and citric acid. Harmony Patches contain none of these.

Harmony Patches are perfect for babies with colic, reflux and cough and cold symptoms. They are a safe and and gentle and won’t irritate baby skin. Harmony Patches deliver fast relief for specific symptoms when placed on strategic areas of the skin. Each foil package is clearly marked with instructions for use on the back. Harmony Patches adhere to your skin with a water-based adhesive, and is  silicone, latex, acrylic and rubber free.

Harmony Patches  has won the prestigious gold Mom’s Choice award.

Harmony Patches are safe for all ages and are available at, amazon and at Erewhon Stores in the greater Los Angeles area.
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