May 16, 2018

Hot Tools Professional The CurlBar Set, Steps to Create You Own Glamour Waves

CurlBar Waves

Hot Tools Professional The CurlBar Set can help you achieve waves as those on the lovely model pictured above.
STEP 1: Select the desired barrel for the size of curl you need.
STEP 2: Set the desired temperature according to the hair texture.
STEP 3: Wrap hair around the CurlBar beginning near the handle. Twist the hair with each wrap for spiral curls. The thickness of each curl depends on the density of the hair.
STEP 4: Clip each curl and let the set cool for tighter, longer lasting curls.
STEP 5: Beginning at the nape, release one curl at a time and spread it horizontally without disturbing the wave pattern.
STYLIST TIP: “A proper blowout with a heat protective smoothing cream will prevent frizz in the curls and add shine. Finish each curl with a lightweight spray that holds without stiffness to maintain movement.”
–Detra Smith, Artistic Director for Helen of Troy / Salon Owner

CurlBar steps 1 2

CurlBar steps 3 4

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