April 20, 2018

Tips for Dressing Abroad: Know What to Wear and What to Avoid

Safety should be a huge factor of concern when you are in a foreign country and, sometimes whether or not you stay safe,may be determined with what you choose to wear when you are among the locals. This is why it is imperative to choose your attires wisely, lest you offend the cultures, religious beliefs and morals of the host country and sometimes, just out of your dressing, you make yourself a target for the bad guys because you will advertise yourself to everyone that you are a tourist. Consequently, as you prepare with the renew my passport issues, also have in mind that you will need to choose just the right kinds of clothing based on your destination, and below we offer a few suggestions to help you go about it-:

Religiously inappropriate clothing

If you are traveling to countries in the Middle East where they have very strong affiliations and beliefs towards a particular region, it is wise to dress conservatively to avoid offending. If you are you in the United States or Europe, no one would mind if you put on tight fitting clothes or slightly revealing attires, but if you were to try that in UAE, the reaction would be completely different. You are a visitor in their country and so it is not respectful to offend them with your dressing.

For ladies, dresses such as leggings, bra tops, miniskirts, tank tops, and dresses that leave the cleavage revealing should be avoided always. For men, shorts and sleeveless tops should not be encouraged since in this part of the world, the only body parts that should be revealed through dressing should be the hands and feet and the face for men. So pack your clothes and dress with these in mind.

Flashy Jewelry

Irrespective of your collection of flashy jewelry and the desire to show them off everywhere you go, you should think twice about carrying them along when traveling abroad. This is for two main reasons. First, your expensive collection of diamond rings, watches and pearls may get flagged as someone else’s collection abroad. Besides, you don’t need to impress anyone with your bling abroad and they will be safe in your safe at home. Secondly, depending on where you visit, you could be making yourself a target by the bad guys who would be more interested in your gold earrings or expensive watch than they are interested in your life. Of course, no one would take note when you flash out such jewelry in England or New York, but if you try that in Pretoria, South Africa, the story would be completely different.

Open-toe shoes and sneakers

In most parts of the world, sneakers are reserved for sporting activities. Italians and Spaniards frown a lot at crocs and tennis shoes and you may want to think twice if you wanted to wear such in Madrid or Rome. Instead, think about comfortable leather shoes while you are in the cities, and be sure to keep them clean and polished. White, lace-up tennis shoes are one of the items people use to identify American tourists.

Unless you are going to the beach, always stick to closed shoes because they are relatively comfortable and they will also protect you getting cuts on your toes or from insect bites. Flip-flop and open toes may not be advisable they make you prone to getting infections you may not be aware of, and so to just stay safe, stick to closed shoes while traveling abroad.

How about wearing shorts abroad

Americans love their shorts and this is a fact they are willing to let anyone in any country know, even if it offending them. While you deal with you renew my passport issues, also think about how you will deal with the short issue if your destination is Indonesia or Vietnam. In these countries, shorts are not things you wear for a daily use and which you could comfortably use for going into the malls or walking the streets. As a matter of fact, you should wear them only indoors, but when you venture out, you must be inappropriate pants. If you love your khaki shorts too much, then reserve them for the beach, but not walking in the streets.

Clothes with national flag colors, curse words or religious images

Attires with curse words, military symbols, religious symbols or those with national flag colors should be avoided when you are traveling abroad. The same is also the case for clothes that might have words or writings who meaning you don’t understand. Such clothes may unintentionally start unnecessary emotional debates that might not have very good endings. Additionally, countries hold different opinions about others, and you may not know what the residents in your host countries think about your country so that you parade your national flag colors in front of them. Can you imagine what would happen if you went to Baghdad wearing a shirt with American flag colors?

Bright colors

Unless bright colors or bold patterns is what you have found the locals wearing, then you should avoid having bright colored clothes. Stick to conservative colors such as gray, turn, and navy. The idea is to fit and blend among the locals, but if you wear very bright colored clothes, you will attract unnecessary attention and you could be easily singled out as a tourist or foreigner, even by the bad guys.

Inappropriate colors

In the West, black colors are for wakes and funerals, but in Asia, white is the color for funerals. You should have in this in mind lest you end up offending a mourner while you are on a short holiday. Again, if you will be traveling in Central Africa, drop the blue and the black because they are the favorite colors for tsetse fly who will swim towards you without mercy.

Backpacks and cameras

The easiest way to sell yourself off as a tourist or a foreigner in that country is to have a backpack and have your Nikon camera easily visible. But you can blend by carrying a small handbag and then put the camera inside.


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