April 16, 2018

Pretty packaging for a Gold Standard Product

I love pretty things, including pretty beauty product packaging. Let me start by saying that the outer packaging of the RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream is, indeed, pretty. It’s gorgeously simple in a white box with an embossed cream colored tree branching over it with gorgeous red and gold flecks and leaves.

Did you know? The name Arbonne comes from a village in Switzerland, which has come to mean “beautiful tree.”

The gold on the box to me, signifies the “Gold Standard” of Arbonne Skin Care products. Yes, these skin care products provide for beauty regimens that reach the Gold Standard in skincare.

Treat your body to Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Retexturizing Serum Lotion

Our skin changes constantly during our 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s and beyond.  I am in my fifties and I love being in my fifties, but, skin sags when fat, collagen, and elastin break down. My favorite Los Angeles Dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu says “This is the decade of collagen loss and saggy skin.” So I am very selectively loading up on the right products for this stage of body and skin changes.

One of my favorite skin care products is the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream. The website description states, “This luxurious cream deeply nourishes the skin with hydration, formulated with red algae extract, to smooth the appearance of dimpled skin and promote a shapelier-looking silhouette.” “Hydrate” and “Nourish” are keywords here and Dimpled skin, yes, that’s cellulite.  One of the causes of cellulite is the structural changes in the collagen fibers which weaken as we age.

Aging is inevitable and a process which we need to embrace. Arbonne is there for us with products that are Vegan (Arbonne gets bunches of praise from me on that), Gluten Free, Dermatologist Tested, globally sourced and made in the US.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream



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