March 27, 2018

Glamorous Gadgets That Pair Up as Fashion Accessories


Wearable technology is making waves with today’s tech-savvy consumers but until now it has often been created with restrictions on style and design. In the future technology and fashion will go hand in hand as brands strive to offer the best and most stylish gadgets for a fashion-conscious audience. There are several well-known companies that have already started experimenting and producing smart fashion that is so sleek you wouldn’t even notice the incredible technology behind it. These leaps in innovation are creating a variety of glamorous gadgets that are perfect to add to your accessory collection. Take a look at some of the top products that soon won’t be able to live without.


The smartwatch has been around for a while, but until now most designs have just looked like a mini mobile attached to your wrist. Since their creation watchmakers have been looking at ways to make this smart technology incorporate all the elements of a classic timepiece with super smart hidden extras. This, in turn, has led to some of the top names in fashion leading the charge and bringing timeless classics to the table. A great example of this is Michael Kors’ collection of smartwatches and wearable technology. These traditional looking watches offer both intelligent functions that pair with your mobile but also showcase a stunning design that can be worn with both daywear and evening attire.

Funky phone accessories

Since the creation of interchangeable cases of mobile phones, they have always proved a popular way to personalize your style in a simple way. Fast-forward to today’s fashion conscious consumer and you’ll find that not only do people want cases to look great; they always want a variety of other functions thrown in too. From cases that pair up as wallets or illuminating accessories that create the optimum light for selfies, there is something for everyone that wants to pair this must-have gadget with a fashionable extra. Personalizing mobile cases is a great way to showcase individuality too, and the range of custom Galaxy S9 cases at shows you just how easy it to achieve a unique look.

Smart jewelry  

Smart technology is also making its way into jewelry choices with some great examples of affordable options in rings and necklaces. These intelligent pieces have a range of features including connectivity to Bluetooth to receive notifications through vibration and colored lights. This type of technology only offers a few features at the moment, but there are a number of innovative ideas on the market that could pass off as a beautiful piece of your jewelry collection with ease.

There is a wide range of accessories available from smart headphones, pocket mirrors and personal organizers plus tons of smart fitness gadgets to choose from. Fashion and technology are in the early stages of inception but there are many designers and innovators that are bringing together a host of gadgets to meet the needs of the fashion conscious consumer.

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