March 14, 2018

Finding Ways to Get Ahead in the Beauty Industry


The beauty industry is more than just a multimillion-dollar market; it is one of the foundations of western society. Both modern men and women have an investment in the beauty industry, from haircuts to makeup and cosmetic surgery. This societal interest in the outer appearance is what makes the beauty industry so lucrative, but it is also why there is so much competition in the beauty market for businesses. If you want to break into the market, then you have to find ways to stand out and get noticed; here are a few ideas which might help you get ahead in the beauty industry.

Fill a gap in the market

There are already hundreds of beauty businesses out there, so why should your customers choose you over all the rest? That’s the question you need to find an answer to if you want your business to succeed. In other words, you need to find your niche. First and foremost, decide which sector of the beauty industry you want to break into. Having a cosmetic surgery and hair salon, which also offers fitness advice, might cover a lot of ground, but covering too much ground would just confuse your customers and make them question the legitimacy of your practice. Research your target market, and find out what it is that customers want because this is the best way to determine what is missing from the market. If you fill that gap, you will already have the edge over your competitors.

Offer a diverse range of products

Finding your niche is the first step, but you can’t just stop there. You will need to offer your clientele a range of services and products which compliment your specialism, as only having one or two products will limit the client group you are able to cater for.

Take, for instance, a business which wants to offer hair waxing. The niche might be that they offer a range of waxing techniques and products which are not widely available. However, as well as this, a successful brand would also want to offer alternative methods of hair removal, such as threading or laser hair removal. These alternatives don’t have to be costly, for example, you can buy second-hand laser machines from Sentient Lasers, but will provide a wider scope for broadening your target market. If these are services that you cannot personally provide, then you could always partner with other professionals who do offer other services that you might like to provide for your customers.

Effective branding

Once you have the business model, you need to decide how you are going to present yourself to consumers. Your company name and business marking is the first step to selling yourself to possible clients, so this needs to be carefully thought out. Consider the ‘hair removal’ business model again: rather than simply portraying the company as ‘hair removal business,’ you could instead market as a ‘skin care specialist’ brand, and offer your clients other skin care treatments, such as body wraps or facials. This takes your company from a one-stop shop for hair removal to a universal brand which offers a range of services.

Using these few simple marketing techniques are just the first few steps you can take to help you create a likable brand, which, in turn, will assist you in getting ahead in a competitive industry.


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