February 27, 2018

New York Actor Donald Paul Stays Stylish While Taking Over Hollywood

Actor Donald Paul is one of those guys who just stands out in each role he takes on. From working on shows such as Power, Seal Team, and Atlanta, to his upcoming projects like Quantico and The Good Fight, Mr. Paul’s style and acting abilities are one that need to be recognized.

It’s A Glam Thing sat down with the talented Mr. Paul, out of his home in New York, to find out more, plus ask him tips for all you ladies out there on what a celebrity wants to see you in style wise…

Nick Northstar: How would you describe your own personal style – both while at home and on the red carpet?

Donald Paul: I would say my style is eclectic. I like looking suave: a nice hat, button down shirt, and dress shoes. I’ll pair it with a denim jacket and jeans to keep it casual. Sometimes I’ll finish my look with glasses.

NN: You are based in New York, how is it being a guy in a city that is about to be filled up with gorgeous models and an incredible fashion scene everywhere?

DP: I love it!! There’s inspiration everywhere you look. I mean the models don’t hurt too.

NN: Are you big into fashion?

DP: Yeah, I like looking good and put together. It’s important to keep an eye on fashion, it helps to define your own style. I’m also big into layers. Theres just something about combining diffident things together attempting to make it make sense to me.

NN: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers or brands you like to wear?

DP: A vintage hat with my Levi jeans and a Jack Wills shirt… that’s a look right there!

NN: From a guy’s perspective, what type of fashion items do you like seeing the ladies wear (so they can take some hints/tips)?

DP: Show off and feeling good in your body! It doesn’t really matter to me but I can see when a woman’s confident in what they are wearing and I like that. Clothing that shows off the curves of your body, is always a sexy look too.

NN: What is your favorite Instagram filter? Or #NoFilter?

DP: Mmmmmm it totally depends on my mood. I’m into cream right now.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to move and become an actor in New York?

DP: Be ready to work hard. New York is all talent. Save up so you can afford the lifestyle and classes. Also the weather is so inconsistent… Be ready for that too!

You can follow more of Donald’s style and journey via Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/donald_paul/

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