February 18, 2018

Boob and Booty Enhancement Tube is here!

The beauty gurus at skincare brand, ASDM Beverley Hills have unleashed their latest miracle product – Your Best Friend’s Boob and Booty Enhancement Tube for voluptuous derrieres and curvaceous contours.

ASDM Boob and Booty Enhancement Tube

ASDM Boob and Booty Enhancement Tube


The plant-based plumping lotion delivers a va-va-voom boost of naturally enhancing extracts, hydrating peptides, firming compounds and exfoliating acids for a noticeably plumped, firmer rear and beautiful breasts.

Unlike many breast enhancing lotions which sit on the surface of the skin, the ASDM Boob and Booty Enhancement Tube has been crafted by the finest cosmetic mixologists. This special potion blends non-greasy and noncomedogenic oils with a punch of aha acids. The result is a silky smooth lotion which feels wonderful, sinks quickly into the skin and gets to work right away.

Your Best Friend’s Boob and Beauty Enhancement Tube also includes a powerful combination of 2% lactic acid, 2% Pure Pueraria Mirifica Extract, caffeine and Genistein. This wonder blend helps to slough away dead skin cells courtesy of the lactic acid, drench skin in hydration and encourages fat-cell enhancing actives to work their magic plumping posteriors and creating killer curves.

ASDM Beverly Hills’ Reyna Gordillo said, “We’re very excited to launch our first product in our brand new Your Best Friend’s range. With lactic acid and Pure Pueraria Mirifica Extract as its key ingredients, our Boob and Booty Enhancement Tube is a plumping powerhouse that sinks into skin, firms the chest and plumps the buttocks while still being gentle enough to use every day. It’s easy to apply too – simply squeeze a generous amount of product on to the breasts and buttocks area. Massage gently until the product has been absorbed and repeat daily, morning and night.

”One of the great things about this and other products in the new Your Best Friend’s range is that the convenient tube packaging is specifically designed to be travel-friendly, making this a beach bag essential!”

Beautifully natural, the new Your Best Friend’s Boob and Booty Enhancement Tube stays true to the ASDM Beverley Hills vision of creating every customer’s next favourite product with an emphasis on harnessing plant-based, organic and food grade ingredients which skin loves.

All ASDM oils are cold pressed or steam distilled using the finest extraction methods possible and all products are manufactured in the USA.

To find out more and shop all products, visit: www.asdmbeverlyhills.com




ASDM Beverly Hills Corp was founded by Alexandra Marquez in the early spring months of 1998. It all started with one persistent dilemma that drove Alexandra from one dermatologist to another: her melasma. This type of melasma was not simply superficial, but it also had hormonal aspects that motivated her to change her diet, re-balance the alkaline nature of her body and detoxify her cells and organs from everyday accumulated toxicities.


Despite this drastic change in diet, her melasma persisted. After countless failed prescriptions promising to clear up her melasma, Alexandra was ready to take matters into her own hands. With the help of her innovative husband and his background in chemistry, they concocted a unique lightening formula that addressed the main issues of melasma: hydration, exfoliation, targeting, and prevention.


This amazing miracle cream outperformed all of her prescribed creams by not only targeting the issue, but also renewing and nourishing her skin back to health. In less than 3 months, her face was clearer than ever before, with more life and resilience. As is expected with anything that is actually effective, her friends started to notice. And so was born ASDM Beverly Hills basing its humble roots from one remarkable cream: The Arbutin Skin Lightening Cream. It marked an exciting beginning to an amazing collection of skin care products that would prove to be loved by all.


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