February 13, 2018

Birthday Decorations That Will Light Up Your Child’s Mood

Children are always excited regarding their birthdays. They wait the entire year for that particular day. They are the happiest when that very special day arrives and once the day ends, they again start planning for their coming year’s birthday. Kids plan a lot for their special day, they expect gifts, surprises and how the birthday cake will look.

But you as a parent never know what exactly will brighten up your child’s mood and what they won’t like. You have to be very careful while planning for their birthdays so that you don’t end up offending them. Your children expect you to gift them all that they wish for. It takes a lot of effort to make you children happy.

Decoration tips to follow to make your kid’s birthday a memorable one

Every parent wants to make their kids feel special on their birthday. Given below are a few decoration ideas which you can implement you make your kid’s birthday party a memorable one.

  • At the dinner table, you can place a small paper inside the fold place holder that means you can write down the names of all the kids on each paper chits and place those chits inside the fork and keep them beside the plates. Each kid will have a separate fork with their name written on it.
  • You can decorate your house with paper flower ceiling hanging. You can make these hangings out of colored paper bags and hang them from the ceiling of your living room and your kid’s play room.
  • Decorate your house with balloons of different colors, patterns and shapes. You can even write something on the wall using these balloons.
  • With the help of colored cupcake liners you can attach rice bulbs inside the liners and decorate your house. The colored liners will give a party touch to your house.
  • You can place all the candies in a three tiered paper stand which is handmade and also reusable.
  • Make your kid’s birthday a bright and sunny one by giving it a sunshine theme. The yellow color will give a very bright look to the party.
  • Buy small flower pots from the market and use them as a stand to keep your cutleries. Add labels on them to mention which one has what inside them.
  • Legos are small blocks which can be joined to make cars, buildings and many other things. You can keep the theme of the birthday as Lego where you will give the kids a bag of Lego blocks each and a printed lego tee shirt.
  • Decorate your dining space with animal shaped helium balloons.
  • You can theme the birthday party as circus. Where you can hire clowns and magicians for your party. The color code can kept as red and white.
  • Use a projector to show project animated movies for the kids. You can even paint your walls with spray paint or stickers.
  • Kids love to hear ghost stories so why not keep the theme of the party as little spooky. You can alter the dress code and the birthday cake along with the theme.
  • Don’t provide regular cotton napkins to the kids instead use paper napkins cut in various shapes like flowers, animals, etc.
  • Buy terracotta pots from the market and use them to make storage boxes for gum balls. These are easy to make and you can refer to the tutorials from the internet.
  • Kids love playing in the water so why not transform a boring indoor birthday party to an entertaining birthday pool party. You can add water slides and arrange water sports too.
  • Decorate the top of your dining table with a colorful ribbon hanging. You can add several ribbons and make a mobile hanging out of it.
  • Transform your backyard into a camping lawn. Fix tents for your kids and arrange a camp fire. You can even do barbecue and sleep under the moon light.
  • If it’s a all boys birthday party, then a football theme will just fit perfectly. Give the little boys customized football jerseys and fix a football match among them. Remember that the cake should also fit in the theme.
  • If it’s an all-girls birthday party, then you keep the theme as Snow White. Gift each little princess with a wand of their own. Dress them like fairies and put a tiara around your head. The cake should resemble Snow White.
  • Put colored confetti inside white helium balloons. This will give your party a very soothing tough. You can refer to Yabadoo kids party ideas for more balloon ideas.


To conclude, your kid’s birthday must be done with utmost care and precision. Focus on the type of return gifts if you’re planning to give. The return gifts should match to the theme so that it leaves a good impression on all the little ones. .

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