January 28, 2018

Fillers alternative is safer, less expensive and longer lasting

Dr. Steven R. Cohen

Dr. Steven R. Cohen

Fillers are a staple of plastic surgery, yet they’re expensive, short-lasting, and can have dangerous side effects. What if there was an alternative that was safer, cheaper, and longer-lasting than fillers and also reversed the aging process?

Internationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Cohen of FACES+ has invented Injectable Tissue Rejuvenation, the first procedure that uses stem cells and fat grafting to replenish facial tissue. Unlike fillers, fat grafts are organic and train your cells to repair themselves using new and increased blood supply. This rejuvenates your tissue and reverses facial aging.

Dr. Cohen has provided us with the information below, titled “4 Reasons why Injectable Tissue Rejuvenation is the Future of Anti-Aging”. The writing outlines why his procedure is much more effective than fillers at producing a youthful and healthy appearance. He explains how his procedure reverses facial aging and produces long-lasting results, while also having the advantage of being entirely organic.

Cosmetic procedures using fillers have skyrocketed in the United States last year, yet fillers are only short-term fixtures to mask aging. The use of fillers has reached its ceiling, according to internationally known plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Cohen of Faces+, and the future of anti-aging will actually be stem cells and fat grafting.

Injectable Tissue Rejuvenation (ITR) is the first technique that uses stem cells and fat grafting to replenish facial tissue and reduces the rate of decay. Dr. Cohen has been educating surgeons all over the world about injectable tissue rejuvenation, and he offers four reasons as to why people should consider if it is right for them.

Injectable Tissue Rejuvenation reverses aging. Unlike fillers, fat grafts do more than replace lost facial tissue: they actually reverse the aging process. Through stem cells, fat grafts stimulate a new blood supply in facial tissue. This unlocks the body’s ability to repair itself and teaches cells to fix aging damage, making the skin more youthful. “The fountain of youth is more like tweaking our body’s ability to repair its own damage,” states Dr. Cohen.

Fat grafts are natural and organic while fillers are made of foreign materials, fat grafts come from the patient’s own body. In each Injectable Tissue Rejuvenation procedure, a small amount of fat is removed from the patient’s body with a needle incision and re-injected into the face after being refashioned with stem cells. Since these fat grafts are natural and organic, they don’t have the dangerous long-term side effects of fillers.

Longer-lasting results means fewer future procedures. Another advantage of fat grafts is that they last much longer than fillers. “The average fat graft volume survival in our patients is around 50 percent after two years,” says Dr. Cohen. Yet results can up to last seven years, which means fewer future procedures and more money in your pocket. It’s why patients as far as Australia are finding facial fat grafting more than worth a red-eye flight to Dr. Cohen’s southern California office.

You can start anti-aging education and procedures younger. Waiting for aging signs to appear means you’re already losing the opportunity to keep that youthful, exuberant look. Facial tissue starts deteriorating at the age of 22. Dr. Cohen offers care and advice to patients before signs of aging start showing. This prevents the need for frequent filler and Botox procedures later in life. “We are using the patient’s own aging trajectory to design new, more dynamic prevention and maintenance therapies that alter the rate of decay and slow down the aging process,” Cohen says.

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