January 25, 2018

How smart home automation systems could make our lives easier

It is projected that about 38.2 million North Americans will have smart home systems by the year 2019.  Today’s automation system is affordable, easy to use and highly convenient, thereby allowing you to control every activity in your home from one streamlined control panel or app. Here are six tested and proven smart echo buying guide that could make our lives easier.

Automated Light Control

The automated light control has the capacity to make your life easier and safer simultaneously. You can schedule to be having light in the evening only when you are around and/ or will have a need for it. If you or any member of your family forgets to turn off your light, you can do so remotely. This will surely save energy costs.

Some of these smart lighting systems come with ambient lighting that changes shades and colors to suit your preferred mood.

Alternatively, you can program your system to turn lights on or off randomly when you are not in town, thereby making it less venerable for break-ins. Leaving lights on timers is one of the most effective and innovative ways of scaring thieves from entering into your house. It gives them the impression that you are at home.

However, if you install standard timers, potential thieves can easily spot when you are not around, so the best remedy is to plug a lamp into a smart switch or lamp module, place it on your wall and pair it very well with your home system so that you can be able to turn lights on and off from any location you are.

In this way, you can control it through the web portal or app. There are different types of smart home systems in the marketplace, thus it is necessary for you to learn about them, so that you can choose the one that perfectly suits your specifications.

Automatic temperature control

Have you ever arrived home in the middle of winter and was greeted with freezing cold or excessive heat during summer vacation? If such is the case, the most effective thing you will need to do is to replace it with programmable thermostat. This will save you some monthly energy costs.

The outdoor automatic temperature understands the humid nature of your home, so it knows when you are at home, and adjusts the temperature of your home accordingly. Some utility companies provide homeowner rebates for people that installed smart thermostat in their homes. This could be one of the awesome ways you can save some money. Thus, you will enjoy the maximum benefits by installing it in your home.

Security cameras with SMS alert

The days are gone when the installer will have to hardwired the home security systems. Today, you can get as many webcams as you wish, and connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi. With this, you can know what is happening in your home through a Smartphone app by either peeking into your home or through SMS notifications the camera will be sent to you occasionally.

Some of these security cameras use lights, while some features night vision, which means they can work not only during daylight hours. Some of them use batteries, and this makes it possible for the cameras to be placed all through your home or outdoor spaces, especially beyond the reach of power coming from electric outlets.

Energy metering

Home automation systems enable you to save about 30% or more costs for energy by optimal regulation of electrical devices, lights, ventilation, air conditioning etc. Monthly payment of electricity bills can be a big worry for a number of homeowners, but such is not the case for those living in a smart home.

You will save some monthly utility bills. For example, if you have a smart home ideas, you will notice that smart lighting system comes with energy efficient bulbs. The beauty of automated controls is that they will turn on and off lights and appliances whenever they are not in use.

Access control via dropped calls

Every smart home comes with access control capacity, and with this, you can take absolute control of the things in your home while you are away. For example, with your Smartphone you can monitor the security; turn on or off your lights with ease.

SMS Controlled System

One of the greatest benefits of home automation system is that it guarantees safety. With the alarming system and digital cameras installed in your home, you can monitor whatever that is happening in your home even when you are not around.

You can watch when someone attempts to enter your home without your due consent. When such happens, you will simply get an SMS almost instantly.

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