January 10, 2018

7 Tips for saving when sneaker shopping

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You just bought an awesome pair of sneakers, thinking you got a good price, then realized your friend got an even better deal. You won’t be over-spending again with these 7 secret tips for buying sneakers.

Tip 1: Timing is everything
Many retailers automatically increase prices during popular shopping times and times of higher demand. Prices tend to be higher especially around noon and in the evening. Prices will almost always go up on the weekend and, of course, before festive seasons such as Christmas. It’s worth it to keep an eye on pricing so you buy when the time is right!

Tip 2: Remain unseen!
Many retailers use cookies and track IP addresses to follow your behavior. Some even increase the price on products that you look at more often. They do this to pressure customers into buying before there’s another price increase. In this case, you should set your browser to private mode while shopping.

Tip 3: Subscribe to newsletters
Merchants often entice new subscribers with generous discounts. Just subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll receive a discount voucher. You can always unsubscribe, so you can save money easily with just a few clicks! Savvy savers even use multiple email addresses to cash in on more discounts.

Tip 4: Student discounts
Often students get great discounts when they buy online. Just register with your university’s e-mail address and get discounts of up to 30% when you shop.

Tip 5: Be sure to buy the right shoe size
The most expensive sneakers are the ones you bought and aren’t wearing! Studies suggest that up to 17% of all shoes purchased are only worn a few times because they simply do not fit. This is especially true if you buy shoes online; you can’t try them on. Sizes vary a lot from brand to brand, so be sure you convert the length of your foot into the correct size.

Tip 6: Voucher codes
Voucher codes are a perfect way to save a few bucks. Just search online for the respective online store or brand’s voucher codes, then enter the code during checkout.

Tip 7: Kid’s sizes
Sharp bargain hunters who have a small shoe size check out the children’s section when they buy sneakers. You can find really nice sneakers here, often to size 10; they’ve just been “declared” kid sizes. There can be a price difference of up to $50. Not sure whether the kids shoe size would fit you? Convert the length of your foot into the correct size by using free tools like https://www.blitzresults.com/en/sneaker/

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