December 29, 2017

Find out why everyone is talking about YPlanners and YMag

by Lisa Gal

The planner you have been waiting for is here! Designed by inspirational Australian artist Lisa Pollock, these 2018 YPlanners will inspire you every day of the year. With daily mindset questions, weekly intention & gratitude activities, glasses of water to be filled in as you drink your 8 every day, they really have thought of everything! The best part, you can now change the color of your planner to match your mood or outfit. Your ‘must-have’ planner is here, to keep you organized, inspired and living your life on purpose.

YMag, a printed publication in Australia, empowering women to become the best version of themselves. YMag is a luxe magazine, that is inspiring, purposeful and educational. YMag is your ‘must-have’ magazine, sharing Y people do what they do. With stories from around the world and no gossip, no diets and no fads, it’s the magazine you will cherish for years to come. Our readers tell us that YMag is the magazine they have been waiting for and now, can’t live without. After all, it’s all about your purpose in life…We are thrilled to have them take part in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to the Golden Globe nominees and talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel next month for the red carpet weekend. Check out Shar Moore and find out all the buzz about Yplanners and YMag by visiting this link.

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