December 6, 2017

Tips For Online Dating Success This Holiday Season

As the cold winter months get closer, you might be wanting someone to spend them with. There’s a reason behind that: it’s “cuffing season.” Introduced to Urban Dictionary in 2011, it’s the time during fall and winter when singles get serious about finding a partner to be “cuffed” to, or tied down with.

Naturally, it’s also the time of the year when online dating sites see a spike in user activity. If the cold weather has you yearning for a partner to cuddle with, then here is your guide:

1. Look Inward

Look at cuffing season as a time to reflect on past relationships. Be honest with yourself about why you want a relationship and you’ll be a lot better off, not only through winter, but also for the long-run.

For instance, if you’re making impulsive decisions online in pursuit of a partner just because you want someone on your arm at holiday gatherings, you could be making yourself more susceptible to online dating scams. Studies show that impulsivity is a major trait of victims.

Above all, a confident mindset will help keep you cozy through winter (with or without someone else).

2. Update Your Online Dating Profile

With so many other singles wanting to be “cuffed” and thus turning to online dating this winter, a good impression will help you stand out. Make sure you’re not presenting yourself falsely, or you can bet that your first date will be the last.

Replace old photos with current ones that get good attention. Doing something interesting in your photos is the perfect way to start meaningful conversations.

Also, consider the kinds of messages you’re sending. Be honest and approachable in your profile and your chances of finding someone special will increase.

3. Look Out For Scammers!

Cuffing season brings out the online dating scammers just like Black Friday brings out the holiday shopping sales. With an influx of online daters looking for someone to be cuffed with, there will inevitably be more fraudulent profiles to look out for.

Is your match a scammer? Here are a few signs:

• He or she is “out of the country.” International business people and members of the armed services make easy cover stories for scam artists.

• He or she asks for money. (The request might even come at a made-up sob story). Treat any requests for money as a clear red flag for a scam.

• He or she expresses love or affection too much, too soon. Anyone wanting to push a relationship forward too fast likely has other – malicious – motivations.

The nightmare of falling for a scammer or a predator-in-disguise won’t compare to the negative feelings of being “un-cuffed” this winter, so don’t skip these basic online dating safety measures:

• Look at his or her social media profiles. If the information from one social network to the next is not consistent, consider this a reason for more research before continuing to engage with this person.

• Check the person out by running a background check. A comprehensive background check service such as will give you information about addresses, aliases, criminal incidents and known associates.

• Let your intuition be your guide.

Remember that cuffing season brings an increase in online dating activity, which means higher chances of coming across a scammer.

We hope this guide helps you have a Merry Cuffing Season.


Justin Lavelle is the Chief Communications Officer for BeenVerified, often used by online daters to make sure their date is who they say they are. The company’s mission is to help people discover, understand and use public data in their everyday lives. With millions of app downloads and millions of monthly visitors, BeenVerified is a leading source of online background checks and contact information. BeenVerified allows individuals to find more information about people, phone numbers, email addresses and property records.

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