November 30, 2017

Why Do Luxury Retailers Make So Much Effort with Their Christmas Store Decoration?



Christmas is a time when shopping becomes a major priority for a lot of people, with gifts to buy as well as parties to choose outfits for! Shopping during the run-up to Christmas can be quite a different experience than at other times of the year, and while this is partly simply because everything is a bit more hectic, it is also because of the nice, festive atmosphere created by Christmas music and the lights and decorations.


  • Decorations and High-End Stores


Some stores opt for decorations so lavish and impressive that people actually view those stores’ Christmas displays as a feature of Christmas itself. Whether it is Harrods in London or 5th Avenue department stores, Christmas displays tend to be impressive and something people go out of their way to see. Newspapers even report on the choice of display for the year in some cases!

But why do luxury shops do this? It is almost certainly something that costs them a lot of money and requires the input of some serious creative talent, so why do they pull out all the stops rather than simply putting up a tree in the store like lower end retailers do?


  • Making Iconic Buildings Even More of a Talking Point


One of the reasons luxury brands tend to go for particularly elaborate and beautiful displays at Christmas – especially when it comes to the outside of the building, is that many department stores and the flagship stores of giant luxury designer brands like Chanel and Dior tend to already be very eye-catching buildings. Flagships for designer brands were often built specifically to house these brands, and designed by a luxury architect like Peter Marino who specializes in creating shops that have a substantial visible presence in some of the world’s major shopping cities.

Making these buildings, which already stand out as unique pieces of architecture, look even more impressive at Christmas, is a way brands can leverage the beauty of their shops even further to attract more customers.



  • Stand-Out Lights Encourage People to Shop in Person


Designer brands are well aware that people have the option to shop online, and also that there are other retailers offering their products – sometimes for less. While this is good for them because it does still help them to sell their designs, at the same time, photos online can’t necessarily do a lot of products justice. Many of the things sold by luxury brands are things one is likely to want to try before they buy – such as fragrances, make-up and clothing. It is easier to sell these expensive products to people who have seen them in the flesh, and having a Christmas display that is worth seeing can be enough to lure Christmas shoppers out from behind their computers to shop in person.

Checking out the Christmas decorations in big, luxury stores can be a lot of fun, but it is interesting to think about why this is done from a business perspective.

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