November 22, 2017

Are Diamonds Still A Girl’s Best Friend


There’s no denying the fact that diamonds aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Each year, more and more people seem to fall in love with this stone. Perhaps its appeal lies in the its versatility- a diamond lends itself to every kind of jewelry piece, from rings to tiaras. It can also be paired with any kind of outfit- modern, classic, ethnic and western. It also goes with every kind of metal- white or pink gold, platinum and silver. It can be paired with virtually any other stone- ruby, emerald, sapphire- you name it. It also makes for the perfect gift and grand gesture. No wonder then that its popularity continues to rise, unabated.

It’s in one area where the diamond truly shines- the engagement ring. For centuries, the diamond has been associated with this occasion of commitment and love. No other piece of jewelry but a ring can do in such a time. And what’s the better way of showing that the person matters to you than by gifting them a precious and rare thing like a diamond? A diamond engagement ring is mostly paired with a wedding band and so both rings need to complement each other and fit comfortably. The classic round cut is still popular, though art deco and square settings are fast gaining followers. Here, the diamond is a girl (and groom’s) best friend because with a ring on the finger, there’s no need to announce the new stage you’re in. If you’re looking to flaunt a piece of jewelry and show some bling, you can’t really think of anything but the diamond.

Women are doing more with their lives than being getting married. They are making strides in careers, public life, administration, politics and the world stage. No matter what the realm is- home, entertainment, social media, fashion, science and technology- women are making their presence felt.A diamond may not be the pinnacle of achievement for them, but it’s still important. A woman may gift herself a diamond when she gets yet another promotion and the coveted corner office. It makes a great gift to give others- something that can save tons of shopping trips and hassles; making it the best gift for a busy woman.

There’s no rule against buying yourself a diamond and more women are doing just that. Either to wear it and feel beautiful every day, or because they see it as a great investment for a rainy day. This is the point where a diamond is truly a girl’s best friend– as a nest egg for a different time. When the diamond is procured from a reputed jeweler, it comes with certification and that’s vital for when you need to re-sell it, or exchange it. Some day you may want an upgrade from the stone you presently have and certification helps.

Most jewelry is associated with happy occasions- a significant birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding, success. And the most common piece of jewelry we seem to like is the ring. And the most popular stone?The diamond.As long as that’s the case, this versatile stone will continue to shine and will continue to be a great companion in times of good and bad.

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