November 13, 2017

Fitness Basics Women Should Know Before Starting on a Weight-Loss Program

If you are thinking about seriously losing weight, it is natural that you are considering going to the gym. However, you should know that everyone does not benefit from exercise in the same way. There is also a tendency for you to end up doing a lot many exercises like stationary bike and treadmill that are not really the greatest for losing weight significantly. Unless you are clued up on what you should or should not be doing, it is unlikely that you would ever get to your goal. Some insights:

Burning More Calories Than You Consume Is Essential

Burning more calories than what you consume is the bedrock of weight loss, however, the way you exercise plays a really big role. Shorter and more intense workouts are far more effective in burning calories than exercises done over a longer time but in a more relaxed fashion. The choice of the exercises that you select for losing weight can mean the difference between success and failure.

Burning Fat Is the Key to Losing Weight

The body has multiple sources of fuel; carbs, protein, and fat. When you exercise, the body first uses carbohydrates before using any other form of stored energy. Typically, fat follows carbs in the calorie burning sequence and you tend to burn fat normally only in the last stages of a high-intensity workout when you are really sweating it out. The problem is that many of the really popular workouts don’t result in significant amounts of fat being burnt. You can also explore the benefits that you can derive from legal steroids.

Doing your gym’s basic fitness and yoga classes are not going to do anything to shave off your weight, even though they have their own other benefits. You should also know that that average group fitness classes in gyms don’t obviously address your specific needs and tend to over-train you. Group sessions, however, are great motivators and help you to follow an exercise routine that is consistent, though from the point of weight loss, sweating it out in this way is by and large unproductive.

Lifting Weights Has No Direct Fallout on Weight Reduction

Lifting weights or any other form of strength training is a technique that will enable you to grow your muscles and while that is not necessarily a bad thing, it may not be the fastest way of achieving significant weight loss. Yes, it is true that you will burn more calories than before because of the extra muscle mass, which, in the long-term can be beneficial to losing weight. Similarly, typical gym exercises like CrossFit, Pilates, and yoga as well as boot camps are not recommended for losing weight, even though they have their own benefits.


Unfortunately, there is no one exercise that you can do for ensuring the best loss of weight. However, according to experts, the best option is to use a combination of high-intensity cardio with strength training for burning off fat in the fastest way possible and building the muscles that will add to your shape. If you’d like to learn more about fitness, there are many companies such as Discovery Learning who run courses to teach you how to train your body to be its best.”

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