October 26, 2017

It’s a Glam Thing Loves Beauty Brands that give Back

 U Brands:

U Brands cares about our youth’s future. When you purchase their stationery or desk accessories, they will donate a portion of their proceeds to Kids in Need Foundation®. The Kids In Need Foundation’s mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed in the classroom by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need.


The USDA estimates that 42 million people in the United States are food insecure as of 2015. Of this number, 13,118,000 are children under age 18. That means 1 in 6 children live in a household without consistent access to adequate food. Sababa is a One into One™ company. For every product sold, Sababa gives a meal to a child in need, right back into the community where the product was sold.Sababa provides an opportunity for people to give back without changing their habits or daily routines. Sababa represents a way of life and making a difference in the community.


Building a better world through everyday elegance, Vessel’s Buy a Bag, Give a Bag program is the perfect combination of style and cause. With every bag purchased, Vessel gives a school backpack to a child in need. Since this purposeful program was implemented, Vessel customers have helped provide over 18,000 school backpacks! A company that believes life is an adventure filled with purpose, Vessel allows you to carry a customized design to inspire the world with your vision, creativity, and chic style.


When you purchase Mirenesse’s Limited Edition Shona Art Makeup Collection, they will give back to their Power through Beauty campaign. Mirenesse will be donating 10% of all proceeds from this line to help put an end to domestic violence.

Green Goo:

Green Goo is a woman-owned, family-operated business based out of Lyons, Colorado that strives to bring “farm to farmacy” by carefully selecting only the purest, most sustainable herbs and essential oils. Their products range from skin repairing salves to nourishing lip balms, softening bath soaps and so much more. As Green Goo’s success grows, so does their commitment to help the community. Their products were used to help heal at the Hargeisa Orphan Center in Somalia, to provide 600+ patients with pre-medical care in Honduras, as well as many other worthy causes worldwide. Some of the organizations they’ve partnered with are: World Vision, Mercy in Action, Mandela Foundation, Snowball Express, Summit for Soldiers, the Pacific Crest Trail, and John Hopkins, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Green Goo also partnered with Keep a Breast Foundation and Non-toxic revolution Donating $.05 per each sale!

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