September 19, 2017

for a Soft Touch Use a Hot Head

It’s compact, fits in your purse or travel bag and is designed to use with dry shampoo. It’s the Mini-G Dry Shampooing Brush from Hotheads. I really don’t know how they did it but the bristles are a little rough to the touch but once the brush touches your scalp its as soft as ever. I even use the brush when my hair is wet and I can’t believe how gentle the Mini-G is on my scalp.

When using dry shampoo, this brush offers the perfect lift for easy access to the roots. I have never used dry shampoo until now and it’s so easy especially with the Mini-G. You simply lift your hair and spray at the roots. Wait for 1-2 minutes then fluff up your hair or brush it out. The Mini-G Dry Shampooing Brush is designed for both coarse and fine hair.

The Mini-G Dry Shampooing Brush has some nice features like the RAISED Firm Pneumatic Pad,  the Pure Black & White Boar Bristle with nylon added (this feature make it non irritating on your scalp),  Black boar for Tension & Control, White boar for Polish & Shine. This brush also contains Natural conditioning oils for healthy ends it has a Firm Double V shaped Nylon Bristle for Back Brushing.

Visit Hotheads website, and view their hair brush collection along with videos demonstrating the various hair brushes. They have many brushes to offer with amazing features. You will find something suited for you for sure. for tips

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