August 2, 2017

I won’t leave home without my Spony

When I first saw a Spony Ponytail Cap I knew I had to get one. To the ordinary eye it looks like a regular baseball cap but it’s not. The Spony Ponytail Cap has a special feature which is found in the back of the cap. This cap allows you to wear a ponytail (low or high) or bun because the cap opens in the back. Watch the video below and see for yourself how this cap is worn.

You can see how the Spony Ponytail Cap works here:

During the day I usually wear my hair in a high ponytail and I can’t get a regular hat to fit comfortably. The Spony Cap is amazing. I wear it to spin class, the beach, bike riding, just about everywhere that I need protection from the sun.

What I like about the Spony Cap is that when the back is closed, you can wear it as a regular baseball cap. When you open the back, it fits my high ponytail and fits snugly on my head.

Another nice feature is that it’s easy to adjust. Simply separate the back velcro seam and fold each side flap inward creating 2 side pockets inside the cap. The pockets prevent your hair from sticking to the velco. I’m excited to take my Spony Cap on vacation because I finally have a cap that fits my hair and is so comfortable to wear. Check out the at and choose one of 6 fashionable colors. I think I need a black one or a white one, maybe both!

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