July 20, 2017

If a Brazilian Glow is what you want, Teadora Has it

My skin is feeling soft as ever with Teadora’s Brazilian Glow. This is an amazing shower accessory and you can use it in the bath too. Brazilian Glow can be used on your face and body, that’s how gentle it is. I love this brand as I already use Teadora Soap bars an their line of Shampoos and Conditioners. Brazilian Glow Revitalizing Scrub & Clay Masque is the perfect shower companion for light exfoliating which will leave your skin feeling silky soft. Brazilian Glow Revitalizing Scrub & Clay Masque has a slightly oily and mild grainy texture, smells very good and feels great on your skin. I like to exfoliate more in the summer because my skin is exposed to the sun and other elements more than in the winter which makes my skin feel dry. Brizalian Glow does such a great job of moisturizing that it’s the only moisturizer I need after a shower.

What I like about Brazilian Glow Revitalizing Scrub & Clay Masque is that it is a scrub and masque in one product.  It is formulated with “a proprietary RainforestYouth(tm) Elixir – a superfood oil cocktail of exotic essential oils from Açaí, Andiroba & Maracujá combined with YouthSpark(tm) Actives complex to provide powerful detox, exfoliation, smoothing, brightening, and firming. “

Brazilian Glow Revitalizing Scrub & Clay Masque contains organic sugar and an exotic Brazilian RedAmber Clay that helps to improve elasticity and firmness.

Enjoy a spa like experience with Brazilian Glow Revitalizing Scrub & Clay Masque. Simply coat your skin, like your arms and legs with Brazilian Glow and wrap them in saran wrap or a hot towel. Relax for 15 minutes and rinse off. you will feel wonderful!

I love that Teadora supports the environment. With the purchase of each Teadora product www.teadora.com, the brand supports sustainable agriculture in Brazil to help put an end to rainforest deforestation, partnering with groups and organizations including the Rainforest Alliance, Conservation International, the Kayapo tribe of the Amazon and more.

All Teadora products contain natural and organic ingredients harvested from the Amazon in a sustainable way, paying respect to Mother Earth.



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