March 29, 2017

Hollywood’s Most Glamorous Mom: Breegan Jane

If Breegan Jane was a superhero, she would most likely be named, SuperMom!

Adopted at birth and now a successful entrepreneur and single mother to two young boys, Breegan knows how to handle every situation. Whether its taking care of her children, making sure everything is set for her popular ‘Mommy-themed/geared’ radio program “Mom Life Yo“, walking the Hollywood red carpets or working alongside some of her celebrity clients for their interior design needs (she’s one of the most in-demand Interior Designers in town), SuperMom Breegan continues to stay fabulous & glamorous!

It’s A Glam Thing sat down with SuperMom at her home to find out the secrets that allow her to not only look amazing (spoiler: sunglasses), but handle a busy schedule as both a single mother and respected professional in the workforce…

Nick Northstar: How would you describe your own personal fashion style – both while at home, while working, while on the radio and when you are on the Hollywood red carpets?

Breegan Jane: Simple is everything for me, because time is a precious commodity that I rarely have a lot of. Now that I’m a mom, putting on one piece of clothing that’s a full outfit really works for me. Pajama dresses are easy to throw on at home; they make hanging out with the kids or chasing them around at bath time really easy. On any given day you will most likely see me in a caftan. A night on the town will see me in a lovely cocktail dress that makes me feel (and look) like a million bucks. Whatever ensemble I choose to wear will be fabulous; the fabric must be luxurious, and it must have sparkling adornments. But for me, a one-piece outfit is so much easier than taking up time to consider the pants, the undershirt, the shirt and the blazer.

NN: The word “Glamorous” can mean many different things… what is its definition to you?

BJ: What’s glamour without gold? When I think of the word “glamorous”, I think of shiny, reflective elements. As an interior designer, many of those things come up in my design projects. I love placing a mirror here, a little gold there and a bit of sparkle wherever I can. When it comes to style, though, I think being glamorous in 2017 is less about being over-the-top ornate and more about intelligent and unique with your style, as well as being true to yourself and your personality. Who you are and how you feel on the inside should shine brighter than anything on the outside. That’s true glamour.

NN: How do you stay so Glamorous & Fabulous while running around as a busy entrepreneur and mother?

BJ: Sunglasses. Oversized, extremely large sunglasses. I don’t always have time to do my makeup and look glamorous. I find that a great “mom” bun, a confident attitude and sunglasses is all the glamour I need to be fabulous some days. On other days, it may mean taking the time to put on the makeup, embracing every ounce of my femininity, and being the sexiest diva at a cocktail party. But as a mom and business entrepreneur, I don’t always have those extra “girl” minutes. A hat, glasses and a big bag are sometimes all I need—and all I can get!

NN: Do you feel more Glamorous now as a mother than you did before you had kids?

BJ: I think I’ve embodied the word “sexy” in a different way since becoming a mom. I connect to it on another level that feels genuine and natural now. Growing up, words like “voluptuous” might have meant chubby or even fat. When I think of it now, “curvy”, “thickness” and “sexy” come to mind. I feel so womanly, and I believe becoming a mother helped me connect to my version of glamourous in ways I never had before. There’s something about being a woman and a sensual being that feels intrinsically true, and I’m enjoying it.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to pursue their dreams and run their own business?

BJ: My advice is simple: Just. Do. It. Find what you are passionate about, get out there and try it. Fail. Dust yourself off, and do it again. Going after your heart and dreams isn’t always easy, but it is so important. I think it’s crucial to ask yourself daily, “What do I want out of life?” You find that answer, and you take steps toward it every single day. Achieving your goals is easier said than done, but the reward at the end is worth every single struggle.

NN: Interior Design is all about look/feel… do you dress differently for various projects depending on the look/feel of the project?

BJ: I don’t know if I’d say I modify my dress based on projects, but I have noticed that people seem to expect designers to have a more avant-garde style, and I enjoy the freedom that affords me. No matter what the project, I remain authentic to my own style. I’ve found that people hire me partly because they appreciate my taste in design, which probably filters over into my fashion sense. With designers, the philosophy is often “the bolder the better”, so nobody blinks when my sunglasses are huge or my pattern mixing is eccentric. It really is the perfect opportunity to let my artsy side flourish.

NN: What does the future hold for you from here?

BJ: I am very excited about a few home design projects I’m currently working on. I can’t wait to have those completed because I’m looking forward to sharing them with the public. I’ve also been super busy with my radio show, Mom Life Yo, and it’s been an awesome opportunity to harness the ability to be an influencer in such a positive and authentic way. I’m in the process of developing products that I think will tie in all the various parts of who I am and what I love in a really creative way. So overall, the future feels bright right now!

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