March 12, 2017

Is your skin feeling a bit depleted after these winter months…It’s time for Inlight


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The Inlight Chocolate face mask is a super nourishing, very unique type of face mask. It’s 100% organic and smells amazing, so two great things right off the bat. The consistency is not like the typical clay mask, the formula is made up of cocoa and argan oil so a little bit goes a long way. The box also comes with a little spatula so you don’t contaminate the rest of the jar by touching it directly with your fingers. This was my first time trying an oil based mask and was surprised when it wasn’t the thick consistency I expected, but was more liquid and oil-like (go figure) when applied, especially after warming up from body heat being on the skin.


There are small exfoliating beads that you rub into your skin after applying, and then let the mask sit for 10-20 min. When removing the mask, I’d recommend using a washcloth, that you don’t mind getting dirty, and warm water to help remove it fully. My skin felt very soft afterwards and definitely a good product to try out if your skin is feeling a bit depleted after these winter months.  Visit Inlight to view their Organic Skincare line.

Guest Post by Antonia Rutter

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