February 9, 2017

Top Money Saving Fashion Tips For Women In College

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So you’re in school and you can’t wait until you’re in your career and making big bucks, so that you can start to add to your wardrobe on a regular basis and really begin turning heads. Besides the clothes that you may already have in your collection, it might not be realistic for you to look at designer labels or even consider going on huge shopping trip, but that doesn’t mean that you have to dress drably. In fact, college is the time that a lot of women start to prepare for dressing in more professional settings while still having the freedom that youth affords them. Follow these tips for making your wardrobe fun, chic and perfect for any occasion, while you save the majority of your cash for college related expenses.

1. Thrift Stores Are Your Friend

If you haven’t ever been inside of a thrift store, you’re going to make both consignment stores and resale shops your new secret fashion weapon. Although most of the clothing sold at thrift stores is used, it can still be one of the best ways for you to find glamorous gowns, fitted blazers, designer jeans and accessories galore. Unlike reading MBA program details online, shopping for gently used clothing at thrift shops can be done in minutes.

2. Swap Clothes With Friends

It is likely that at least one of your friends is around the same dress size as you, and even if you don’t share the same fashion aesthetic, you can still share and swap clothing on occasion. You’re in luck if you have several girlfriends who have rapidly changing wardrobes, as their castoffs can make great additions to your own. Don’t turn down the opportunity to share clothes with your friends as you can make fabulous fashion pairings with the clothes in your closet when they are combined with a few new and unique pieces.

3. Shop For New Clothes Off Season

Although college students and women in general enjoy buying new clothes and then wearing them out and about almost immediately, it is worth shopping out of season. It may be difficult for you to adjust to shopping for your bathing suits and sandals in the fall and buying winter coats and accessories in the spring, but this move will save you big time. While contemplating the advantages of online MBA vs on-campus MBA, you can also more accurately estimate how much money you will need to spend on new threads each semester.

4. Make It Yourself

Not all college students get in the habit of making their own clothing, but those that do often have more expansive wardrobes, and fatter wallets to boot. Start sewing simple pieces, like ponchos and tunics so that you can improve your seamstress skills. Eventually you will get so comfortable with your sewing machine that you will be able to whip up new designs without a pattern, saving money in the meantime and still looking gorgeous.

During college, you will need to be highly resourceful in order to stay trendy without going over budget. Use these tips so that you can focus on completing your MBA, and look great at the same time.


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