November 8, 2016



When we think of seeing a psychic or medium, we think of either a person who is dressed like death is on their front door-step, or of an individual who has an elaborate style, funky hair-do and exaggerating an old-fashioned hippy outfit (think Miss Cleo). However, that is not the case at all for Medium Fleur, who is one of the world’s most recognized female mediums that is based here in Hollywood.

From Emma Roberts to Lana Del Rey, Medium Fleur has a high profile client list that seek her out to connect with those who have passed on. She also does live audience shows around the country, helping people to find closure with those who have died.

I just had to interview her about her abilities, what dead people wear when she sees them, and sense of her own personal fashion & style in her line of work…

NN: How would you describe your own personal style- both while at home and while you are doing readings and live shows?

MF: I’ve always had an affinity for dresses and heels, and I love getting dressed up. I feel most confident in a pair of high heels, so I rarely go on stage without them!

NN: What do you have to say to those who think Mediums have no style?

MF: Mediums are as unique from each other as people in any profession. Some will be stylish, others may not be. One thing is for sure- I have yet to meet a Medium who only wears long flowing dresses, bangles, and a gypsy turban.

NN: When you see and speak to dead people. what type of outfits are they wearing?

MF: The spirit world doesn’t have a need for clothing in the same way we do. However, they may show or describe what they are wearing to provide evidence about who they are. Fashion style can be a very important in someones life, so when they have passed they may show a Medium a specific outfit, hairstyle, or certain jewelry to help communicate that it is truly them.

NN: What is something about Mediums that people may not know or understand?

MF: Mediumship is a gift, but it needs to be developed. I was born with a natural gift for mediumship, yet I have spent a great deal of time sharpening and enhancing my connection. My training has centered around meditation, mindfulness, and cultivating mental stillness to maintain a clear connection to the spirit world.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to channel their own abilities/talents?

MF: I absolutely believe that everyone is intuitive. If you have a soul, and everyone does, then you have access to psychic information. When you learn to trust these moments of intuition, you are connecting to your own psychic ability. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. For this reason, I encourage my students to keep a journal of these moments so they can see for themselves how their seemingly coincidental hunches occur often, and can be trusted and acted upon.

NN: What is the best advice you were ever given?

MF: “Fear is the worst advisor”

NN: Where can people go get a reading done by you?

MF: If it’s your first time experiencing mediumship, an audience show is a great place to start! During the show, I give messages from the other side to members of the audience. Upcoming shows are listed on my website at I also offer private phone readings and in-person readings in Los Angeles.


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